How To Get A New SIM Card? All Details For Airtel & Jio In July 2024!

- Updated: 25th Jun 2024, 22:23 IST
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    Get Airtel New SIM In Five Minutes!
    • Steps To Get Prepaid Airtel New SIM
    • Steps To Get Postpaid Airtel New SIM
    • Other Methods To Get Airtel New SIM
    • Price Of Airtel New SIM
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    How To Activate Airtel New SIM Manually?
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    Best Airtel New SIM Postpaid Plans!
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    Get Jio New SIM In Five Minutes!
    • Price Of Jio New SIM
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is first Jio SIM free?
    • Can we choose Jio SIM number?
    • What is the cost of Jio SIM 5G?
    • What is the cost of a new Airtel SIM?
    • Why is Airtel 5G not working?
    • How much does an Airtel SIM cost?
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    Wrapping Up

Are you thinking of getting an Airtel new sim or a Jio new Sim in India? I was searching for the same a few days back! After researching from website to website, I devised simple methods for my readers.

In this article, I am going to cover all the details about getting a new SIM in India. Be it knowing the price of Airtel SIM, the cost of Jio SIM Card, Jio new SIM, the process, requirements, sources, and all other details. You will find it all in this article. So, let’s get started:

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Get Airtel New SIM In Five Minutes!

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Before we get started, Airtel offers both Prepaid and Postpaid services. The steps are different for both the services for getting an Airtel new SIM card. First, let’s take a look at the process for getting a Prepaid Airtel SIM:

Steps To Get Prepaid Airtel New SIM

  1. Go to Airtel’s Prepaid New SIM Card section.
  2. Make sure that “Prepaid” is selected as the preferred SIM.
  3. Add contact details and delivery address.

When you enter the details, a new request will be placed in your name for a new SIM Card. You will then receive an SMS and a Call confirming your details, and an executive will be in touch with you to deliver your new SIM.

Once the delivery executive is at your place, you will have to show one identity proof like Aadhar or Voter card. You can also request the person to give you a number of your choice. In this case, he or she will ask you for your “preferred four-digit number”, and accordingly, you will be assigned a new SIM.

The whole process will last five to ten minutes. Once the SIM card is activated, you can place it on your phone and recharge it accordingly.

You can also check the Best Airtel Prepaid Plans.

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Steps To Get Postpaid Airtel New SIM

The best thing about a postpaid SIM is that you can pay after use, and there is no daily limit like that for prepaid SIM cards. Here are the steps for getting a new Airtel Postpaid SIM:

Activation process for Airtel New SIM Card
  1. Go to Airtel Website.
  2. Take the cursor to Postpaid and Select “Buy a new connection“.
  3. Enter your details like name, mobile number, and address.
  4. Once you enter your details, you will be able to place the request for Airtel New SIM.
Request recieved for Airtel NEW SIM card connection

By default, the Rs. 399 plan will be selected for your Postpaid SIM. In this plan, you will get Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/day, and 40GB per month. You can also select other plans as well for your new Airtel SIM.

Airtel Postpaid is more value for money and popular among people than Prepaid as almost 8K+ people have shown interest in getting a new SIM.

Other Methods To Get Airtel New SIM

  • To get your preferred Airtel SIM, you can visit the nearest Airtel store with your documents, such as your Aadhar Card, Voter Card, or driver’s License.
  • You can also download the Airtel Thanks App to place a request for a new Airtel SIM Card. Download the App > log in via any mobile number,> Click on Get new Airtel SIM to do this.

Price Of Airtel New SIM

If you are wondering about the Cost of Airtel SIM Card, let me tell you it’s completely free. You won’t have to pay any money for:

  • Getting an Airtel New SIM.
  • Home Delivery of SIM.
  • Activation Process of the Airtel SIM.

The only thing you will have to pay for is the Plan you activate.

How To Activate Airtel New SIM Manually?

If, for some reason, your Airtel new sim card is still not activated, you can also do it manually. Here’s how:

  1. Open messaging app.
  2. Type SMS SIM <enter 20-digit SIM Number>.
  3. Send this to 121.
  4. You will soon receive confirmation about activating your new SIM.
  5. Reply with 1. You will get a confirmation call.
  6. One more type, reply with 1 when asked for confirmation.

There will be zero SIM activation charges when done manually.

Best Airtel New SIM Postpaid Plans!

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Let’s understand some other plans apart from the Rs. 399 default plan.

Please note that all these Postpaid Family plans come with Unlimited Calls, Airtel Xstream, Wynk Subscription, 100 SMS/day, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar. The Rs. 1,199 plan comes with Netflix Basic and Rs. 1,499 plan comes with Netflix Standard.

PlanFree Add-onsDataAdd-onsNetflix UpgradeInternational Roaming Discount
5991105 GB₹299/each
9993190 GB₹299/each
1,1993240 GB₹299/eachStandard at ₹300/month
1,4994320 GB₹299/eachPremium at ₹150/month₹3000 on 10/30-day

There is also a Rs. 299 plan that gives you 25GB monthly data along with the basic benefits mentioned. However, note that this plan is only available for Jammu and Kashmir users for Airtel New SIM.

Get Jio New SIM In Five Minutes!

Get Jio New SIM

Now that we have seen all the details about the Airtel New SIM process. Here are the steps to get Jio New SIM for both Postpaid or Prepaid connection:

  1. Go to the Jio SIM page and enter your name and mobile number.
  2. Submit the OTP (one-time password).
  3. Choose between prepaid and postpaid plans.
  4. Provide your location details for the Jio SIM delivery.
  5. Once completed, a Jio representative will reach out to you.

You can also visit the nearest Jio Store to get a new Jio SIM for yourself.

Please note that the SIM card might not be activated for a few hours. You will have to recharge it with a plan of your choice.

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Price Of Jio New SIM

New SIM Card Connection for Jio

The Cost of Jio SIM Card is zero. It is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges as well. Here are the details:

  • Free Home delivery,
  • Zero activation charges
  • No security deposit.

The only thing you will have to pay for is the Plan you activate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is first Jio SIM free?

Yes, getting a Jio SIM is free, but you need to activate a plan when you collect the SIM card.

Can we choose Jio SIM number?

Yes, you can choose a Jio SIM number, but it depends on availability for your PIN Code.

What is the cost of Jio SIM 5G?

io provides all new SIM cards with 5G capabilities at no extra charge. So, there’s no additional cost for a Jio SIM that supports 5G.

What is the cost of a new Airtel SIM?

The Airtel New SIM is basically free. You just need to complete your online recharge with the right plan, and that’s it.

Why is Airtel 5G not working?

Make sure your SIM slot supports a 5G network.

How much does an Airtel SIM cost?

There are no additional or hidden charges in getting an Airtel SIM Card.

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Wrapping Up

So, the process for an Airtel New Sim or Jio SIM card is absolutely free of cost. Both Jio and Airtel are becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, customers benefit from amazing network speed, fast service, free home delivery of new SIMs, and many other things.

Whether you want to go for Airtel or Jio, depends on the network coverage in your area and your personal preference. Nevertheless, it’s always a wise choice to check everything before you make a decision. Remember to share the article with your buddies who are looking to get a new connection so that you can benefit from this article.

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