How To Donate For Education – Read On Amar Ujala

- Updated: 12th Jul 2020, 20:04 IST

From March 2020 to present time, India (like many other countries) is under a lockdown. While many sectors have started to open up, in order to efficiently combat the COVID-19 pandemic, places that mandate community gathering such as schools and colleges are still not open. While these stay closed, education authorities deemed it important to move the classes online. While a great step, there are many children who are unable to attend these classes as they do not have the means to do so.

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To attend online classes, one must possess tools like a smartphone and internet connection. This leaves many kids without a way to go for these classes as they cannot afford these resources. Various organizations are working tirelessly to help these children in need by providing them the necessary means for online education. Likewise, we at Cashify have started our initiative, in collaboration with non-government entities, to donate refurbished smartphones to the needy so that their classes can go on unhindered.

The process is simple to the donors. They can place a pickup order via our website. Once the order is placed, we will collect their old smartphones from their doorstep and refurbish them at our refurbishing hub. Followed by which, these devices will be handed over to the children. You can find out more about it in this Amar Ujala coverage.


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