Cashify Special On Environment Day 2020 In Times Now

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 15:43 IST

This World Environment Day was the first for our new initiative that enables recycling of mobile phones. As an organization that believes in the sustainability of technology, our Recycle Mobiles project began in 2019. The goal was to offer mobile phone users a platform to responsibly dispose of their old mobile devices. To make it easy for the user, we have made this a doorstep service where all a user needs to do is schedule a free pickup for their old mobile phones and we collect them from their home. This also gives them special rewards in return, in the form of vouchers etc.

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Environment and its protection have always been a key area in which Cashify has worked. Be it taking old phones off of users’ hands and sending them back into the system or making refurbished devices the norm, we have been carefully dedicated to making the most of what we have without putting strain on our natural resources and environment. This is where the idea of mobile recycling stems from. As a way of giving back to our planet and as a symbol of gratitude to our users, we have also been planting a tree for each device that comes to us for recycling.

Since this was the first Environment Day for this project of ours, we offered even more special rewards to the recyclers. It gives us immense pride and joy to have expanded our horizon into this area and the response we have been getting from our users is nothing less than motivating. To know more about it, check out what Times Now has to say about our initiative.


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