Cashify Co-founder & COO, Nakul Kumar on Building a Leading Re-commerce Brand

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 15:40 IST

Founded in 2013, Cashify has evolved into a re-commerce leader in India. Apart from smartphone buyback, Cashify is now a smartphone-centric brand providing all-round mobile care at the doorstep of smartphone users. While primarily established as an online platform that facilitates hassle-free smartphone buyback, the key factors that set Cashify apart are the emphasis on data privacy, objective pricing and instant payment.

Today, as the official buyback partner for many major brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung etc., we at Cashify believe that users should be able to sell their smartphones as easily as they buy them. Although there are online shops aplenty, there’s a shortage of dedicated smartphone resale platforms online. With free doorstep service and on-spot payment, Cashify brings unprecedented ease of selling to the table.

Besides being available online, we have started several offline stores across India. Over the last couple of years, our stores have opened in many parts of New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurgaon etc. While we go on the ground from being an online-only brand, the focus remains the same, to serve smartphone users and enable them to sell their smartphones in return of the best, most objective price in a matter of a few minutes and received payment instantly.

CNBC Awaaz spoke to Nakul Kumar on the journey of Cashify so far, our way forward and a lot more on Startup Nation. Check out the full video here and hear our Nakul speak about what brought it all together, his vision for the organisation and what all is to be expected in the coming time.


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Deepak Pisharody

2 Year ago
I had a very bad experience with cashify. They behaved very professional till the time they came for pick up of phone On both the occasions they said the phone is not good and quoted very low prices.I finally managed to sell the phones elsewhere.I will never recommend cashify to anyone.On tbe contrary my endeavour for the rest of my life would be to expose the illegal methods they use.My advice to prospective sellers on cashify would be do.not entertain them.They obtain ur bank details in can be used for dangerous purposes in future.Never use their services for selling ur phone.Cheers!!!


2 Year ago
i know this will not be posted since you wants see and approve the posts... don't worry other sites are not in your control

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