Best PubG Tricks and Hacks

- Updated: 23rd Aug 2020, 18:39 IST
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    How to avoid an early kill
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    Burgle Kill crates smartly
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    Kill like a pro

So here we are talking about the most popular and an absolute sensational mobile game which has over 50 million downloads on the Play Store, PUBG Mobile. With so many people beginning to play such battle-royale games, here’s some best PubG tricks and hacks to make the game more intriguing and side-by-side help you score that chicken dinner.

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  • So, the first trick to help build up a stronger team strategy is to not panic when you or your teammate gets knocked out. Instead, first, try to deal with the bad guys who knocked out your teammate. This would counter-attack their plans to knock down other companions of your team. But still, if you wish to revive your mates, double-check any enemies around you.
  • Next trick, which is kind of a smart play to always rotate and change your positions in the game. This would fool your opponents by not letting them know from where they are getting shot. The simplest way is to tackle opponents from different angles and constantly changing the spots.
  • The third, and maybe the most important trick, would require some accuracy, which can be achieved by practice. This requires placing the cross-hair pointing exactly your enemy. This leads to more damage and hence faster killing. And yes, try to go for a headshot, even if you are close to your enemy.
  • The next trick, and perhaps the most effective, is to ensure cooking your naid (grenade) before throwing. This would leave lesser time for the bad guys to dodge the naid and survive. The best time to throw the naid is to throw it just before three seconds are left for it to explode.
  • The next trick comes very helpful in close combat situations. Always think twice before reloading your gun, as someone might be too close and grab this opportunity to knock you down while you are reloading your weapon.
  • The sixth and the smartest trick will surely scare your enemies. Naid bait, i.e. tap the grenade button and quickly cancel it. This would make a hoax and make your opponents believe that a naid is coming towards them, thus creating panic.
  • The seventh and most logical trick is to always occupy a higher spot than your enemies. Before charging an opponent, try to find a spot which gets you in a higher spot than your enemies. This helps to get an easier shot and also get a better view of enemies below.
  • Another trick is to avoid killing the enemy right away after knocking them out. Yes, this secures your kill but give your target’s fellow mates a great opportunity to knock you.
  • The next and another smarter trick is to never land on the same spot as your other teammates. Always unfollow each other and try to loot maximum area down below.
  • The last trick would get you to enlighten with the advantages of a smoke grenade. Use it over your knocked down enemies to get a cover and revive them. The same goes for looting a death crate. Use smoke grenade wherever you can to make an instant cover.

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We hope you find some of these PubG tricks useful and we can assure that keeping such small things in mind would help you create a strong position in the game and guarantee you the much-desired chicken dinner.

Here are some bonus tricks and tips to assist you for scoring a Chicken Dinner: 

How to avoid an early kill

220Km/h is the highest jump off speed and can be achieved by gliding sideways and looking straight at the ground. Acting quickly and hitting the ground before other players after taking the jump ensures you to find weapons for securing an early kill.  

Burgle Kill crates smartly

Wait at some decent hiding spot after killing an opponent to make sure there are no other players roaming around there trying to find you or rushing to claim your reward and once you are sure nobody is there, dash towards the kill crate for looting useful objects 

Kill like a pro

Always try to take cover from trees, houses, stones etc, and use peek buttons for aiming from behind the cover preventing your body from exposing to enemies.  Peek feature improves the knocking tendency of enemies by reducing recoil of the gun. 


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