Get Set Go: Best Travel Apps On Android

- Updated: 30th Sep 2020, 07:06 IST

If you are using an Android device and you have a habit of travelling quite frequently, it is a must that you have the best travel apps available for Android installed on your device. This is to make sure that you have the right application available to you whenever you are outside and need quick help. Also, there is a chance you might not have WiFi or data so installing the app beforehand is handy.

Now, there are plenty of apps that are suitable for Android users while travelling. For example, you might need an app to understand the language other than your native one. And there might be a case where you would require an app to book a tour, a taxi or order food. So you need an app for that purpose and there are several such use cases. 

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Here are the best travel apps available on Android:


tripit app
Source: Best App Guru

The first app on our list of best travel apps for Android is named as TripIt. This is the most useful app because of the fact that you can store everything related to your travel plans inside this app. For instance, you can include information regarding your hotel bookings, car rental bookings, itinerary as well as other information all in one place. Therefore, when you reach your travel destination and you need to have a look at something useful then you can open the TripIt app and everything will be available to you.

Now comes the best part about TripIt app which is that you don’t have to add this information manually inside the app. Instead, the app does this automatically based on data from your email account and other booking information. This app is available for free to download on your Android phone but you can also buy the TripIt Pro plan for $49 (Rs. 3499) per year which gives you premium features such as flight delay notifications etc.


airbnb app
Source: Google Design

Airbnb is one of the most useful apps when you need to find a home for staying at a different location. Airbnb is basically a platform where people list their properties for rent and you can then book the location for your stay. Now, this is the best option for you when you are on a budget and don’t want to book a hotel for yourself.

Also, Airbnb has a community of its own which is spread in over 34,000 cities worldwide which means that you are connected wherever you go and there are a lot of options available to you. You can book curated experiences at a travel destination and book it using the app. Airbnb is available for free to download on Android devices and you should download it right away.


livetrekker app
Source: Android Authority

We have seen that people who love to travel also like to share their travel routes as well as the experiences they have had at a particular place. Now, these experiences can be good or bad and it can also help fellow travellers know more about the place before making their plans. So we have an app named LiveTrekker which lets you document your travel and share them with others.

This is a free travel diary app that allows you to document travels in an interactive manner with the help of maps, pictures, video, audio, and even text. You can even upload your images to the cloud which means that you can get to know where you took that photo or video by looking at the map later.


skyscanner app
Source: Android Apps

Skyscanner is another great application that is helpful for everyone who is interested in travelling and uses an Android phone. Basically, Skyscanner is an app that lets you scan for flight tickets and its prices. However, the advantage of Skyscanner is that you can get cheap flights for your destination which are rarely found when you are looking for normal flights on other apps.

Apart from cheap flights, you can even search for hotels for that particular destination and book those hotel rooms for yourself as well. Skyscanner allows you to see flight ticket prices for cheap which will help you in seeing when the flights are cheaper so that you can make future plans accordingly.

XE Currency

xe currency app travel

The most important thing you need to do when you are travelling is to convert the currency. Now, we know that every country has its own currency and the rates are quite different too which means that you need to understand what the local currency rates are and what they will be when converted to your local currency.

For this reason, XE Currency is an Android app that lets you set your own currency and then see the different conversion rates of various currencies. This will help you set your budget according to the local currency relative to your original currency. XE Currency app is also available for free to download on Android but you get ads inside the app. However, these ads are not annoying which means you can use it with ease.

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