You Can Make Someone Smile – Sell Your Old Mobile Phone NOW

- Updated: 21st Dec 2020, 08:04 IST

In this day and age, each and every person relies more on smartphones than anything else. We tend to have one extra old smartphone just lying there in our drawers – which we say is for emergencies! However, we need to realize that it just stays there and without giving its potential to the fullest. It is just sitting there gathering dust. This utter wastage of tech is not really right, is it?

See How An Old Mobile Phone Can Bring Smiles

Technology is changing every second, new mobile phone launches come in every other day. Moreover, with time, the availability of getting another new smartphone just immediately is also now possible. So, the question here is, why are we hanging on to this old piece of tech lying around in our drawers?

During this lockdown, the need for mobile phones increased in tough times. According to a new study that surveyed 42,831 students at various school levels, at least 56% of children were found to have no access to smartphones. This is now turning into an essential need as classes are now online for learning and schooling.

The study ‘Scenario amidst COVID 19 – Onground Situations and Possible Solutions’ was conducted by child rights NGO Smile Foundation with an aim of analyzing access to technology.

For example, Kuldip Kumar, a farmer from northern India, sold his only cow to buy a smartphone so his children could keep up with lessons that shifted online when the coronavirus lockdown closed schools four months ago. This shows a need that needs to be looked at very seriously.

We can help those in need in ways that can help them live their life without disrupting their livelihood. One of the most basic ways is by selling your old smartphone via a trusted channel like Cashify where you can check the price and sell old mobile within the comforts of your home with total safety and security.

cashify old mobile phone

Your old smartphone can help someone have a chance to move ahead with their dreams. It can help grow our country’s youth. Moreover, at the same time, you can also benefit from selling it for a good price according to the phone’s market value at the moment. It will make it affordable to those in need. In addition, it will bring in the best value for your smartphone.

This is a win-win for both the parties, here, isn’t it?

On the other hand, we should also remember we are in privileged conditions than those in need. If that small amount for your old smartphone does not bring a major change in your pocket, then maybe one can also simply donate it. There are various channels like the one we have at Cashify which offer platforms for donating mobile phones for education. It will give the children who need it a push to study and excel in life. Additionally, it leaves us with a warm feeling in our hearts when seeing smiles on their faces.

We should remember this comes in a time where help is now a need more than a choice. All of us who can help should come forward and help those in need. It will let our country’s youth grow and make a change. Please, let us all come forward and either donate or sell our old smartphones to those in need.


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