There are many worst Android apps available in the Google play store. With a single click, you can locate them at any time. Many developers produce mediocre work in an attempt to compete with more prominent or more capable developers, resulting in a limitless collection of copied apps. Here in the article, we’ll let you…2022-05-02 13:13:23Here’s A List Of The Worst Android Apps Ever

Here’s A List Of The Worst Android Apps Ever

Updated: 2nd May 2022, 13:13 IST
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    List of the worst Android apps
    • 1. Google Pay 
    • 2. ES File Explorer
    • 3. Google Allo
    • 4. Cheetah Mobile Apps
    • 5. Move to iOS
    • 6. Facebook Home
    • 7. Hardware Companion Apps
    • 8. Facebook
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    In the end

There are many worst Android apps available in the Google play store. With a single click, you can locate them at any time. Many developers produce mediocre work in an attempt to compete with more prominent or more capable developers, resulting in a limitless collection of copied apps. Here in the article, we’ll let you know about the several worst Android apps and why the Google Play Store keeps updating and removing these worst Android apps.

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List of the worst Android apps

1. Google Pay 

Google pay

Google Pay is an online cashless payment mode that went from one of the best money services to one of the worst. Following that, there was a significant shake-up in the Google Pay team. After the revamp, dozens of staff and executives resigned, and Google’s plans for a bank account were scrapped in October 2021. Because Google hasn’t done much to address the problems, it will remain on this list.

Let’s look at some of the things that consumers don’t like regarding Google Pay. At the time of writing, it did not have website support. You must register a new account with your phone number to send money. To receive money, your pals will require an account.

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2. ES File Explorer

 ES File Explorer

It was formerly one of Android’s most popular applications. It was a remarkable file browser that was years ahead of its time and powerful enough to rank among the best in its category. The developers then issued one of the worst updates in 2016.

They not only inserted obtrusive advertising into the accessible version of the programme, but they also began to add phone booster functions that, as we previously stated, are ineffective. On the other hand, the pro version deleted the adverts, and the booster features were simple to disable and ignore. Google Play took advantage of the opportunity to ban ES File Explorer. The fall from grace of ES File Explorer was absolutely unique.

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3. Google Allo

Googl Allo

Google Allo was an awful application. When Allo was first released, many people sought to find the silver lining, but Google Hangouts, Allo’s main competition, was superior in almost every regard. Sure, Google Allo wasn’t horrible in terms of pure functionality; it worked and served its purpose. The issue, though, was a little more complicated.

This is one of those apps that never gained traction. After a little more than a week, interest in the app began to lag, and it took a long time for it to die. It was meant to be the big-name rollout that would propel Google to WhatsApp’s pinnacle. Finally, it was an embarrassment that wasn’t even enjoyable to use.

4. Cheetah Mobile Apps

Cheetah Mobile Apps

This app, no doubt, is the worst mobile tool provider ever. Cheetah Mobile is one of the shadiest and most dishonest software developers in the industry’s history. Cheetah Mobile has been involved in several issues due to its overly intrusive and abusive user tracking procedures. Furthermore, the corporation is accused of defrauding ad partners by using bots to imitate genuine consumers. There are also allegations that he worked with dodgy advertising firms. Cheetah Mobile, thankfully, is no longer with us.

5. Move to iOS

Move to iOS

Although Move to iOS is more of a humorous app than a horrible one, we believe few people will object to its placement here. It was Apple’s first Android app, with the objective of transferring data from an Android phone to an iPhone.

The Android community reacted in kind, and the number of one-star ratings for Move to iOS is still higher than any other rating. Some people move a large number of images and videos from one phone to another. It’s simply terrible software, and Apple doesn’t appear to be particularly interested in making it function on Android devices.

6. Facebook Home

Facebook Home

I enjoy discussing Facebook Home. It was one of those app experiences where you could tell from the moment it was released that it was going to be horrible. Facebook updates from your pals dominated the home screen. The app drawer was sluggish, there was no widget support, minimal customization, and most of the Facebook Home settings were kept in the main Facebook app, which is where settings menus go to die. The app was eventually pulled from the Play Store, and the team of engineers working on it was disbanded. It was an appropriate conclusion to one of the most amusingly terrible apps we’d ever seen.

7. Hardware Companion Apps

Hardware Companion Apps

These apps were very engaging initially, but they started to show their worst side as time passed. However, as more businesses go smart, we’re seeing the same mistakes repeated with each new generation of smart technology.

8. Facebook


This app is definitely the worst app for privacy. Even when you log out from Facebook, it keeps track of you. Almost every permission is required by the app, including access to your contacts, call history, and text messages, as well as your camera and microphone, internal storage, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

In other words, Facebook wants complete control of your smartphone, claiming that it is required for the app’s performance. It keeps track of when you check in and how much time you spend on the platform. Also, it keeps track of where you go, what you buy, and what you look at on the internet.

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In the end

There were plenty of worst Android apps available in the Google play store. However, most of the worst apps were removed from it. Google play store consistently keeps updating and removing useless apps, replacing them with more advanced and improved versions of apps.

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