What Is Google Lens? 5 Ways To Use It Effectively

- Updated: 25th Oct 2021, 08:25 IST
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    What is the Google Lens?
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    How Can You Use It the Best?
    • Scan business cards to your address book
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    Judge a book by its cover
  • 4
    Take a self-guided architecture tour
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    Become a botanist
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    Add events to your calendar
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Like when our eye lens sees something and then we decide what to do with that object, Google Lens can be called the lens of our phone. When any object is scanned or captured using the lens, it views it and provides the user options for what actions can be performed on the object. A few actions the Lens offers are scanning, translation, shopping etc.

What is the Google Lens?

Google is revolutionary for phones because of how easy it makes for the user to navigate and describe different objects. When one points the lens at something it scans the object or place and provides you with different actions that you can perform.

For example, if you point the Google Lens at a flower, Google can provide you with the name of the flower. It even provides you information like, where can you get that flower, how can you grow it etc.

It can even scan restaurants, cafes, clubs, metro stations etc. for you and tell you all about them So, no more typing, Want to look up a restaurant’s ratings? Don’t waste time, typing in google maps, scan the place with Google Lens and find all you want abt it, in seconds.

Since it is just artificial intelligence, it may not be 100 per cent accurate, but it is something that can be relied upon for getting instant and accurate information. So, Don’t wait, download and try the Google Lens App for yourself now.

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How Can You Use It the Best?

Scan business cards to your address book

We all receive soo many business cards in our day to day life. But we know how troublesome it can be to continuously type and save all the information from the card to your phone. In the current days, it is also not possible to keep carrying the cards around with you. So, we have the solution for you through Google Lens.

Google Lens can easily scan a card and turn the data into a new address-book entry in a few simple steps with no effort from your side.

After the lens has done its work, you can simply check for any faults and make the corrections before saving it.

Judge a book by its cover

The lens may not judge the story for you, but with one glance at the cover, Google Lens can present you with all the information about the book. For example, the author, the summary, reviews, where can you buy it, etc. So, if you plan to go Book Shopping do carry a Google Lens with you. Even more, if you are an avid reader, who wants to know the titles of the books they see people reading on the metro, you can perform a quick scan to know all about it.

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Take a self-guided architecture tour

When one goes on tour and spots an interesting place, it is not always possible for them to know the details of the building or the place they are in. In such situations, Google Lens is a lifesaver. It can help you find all available information about a place in a minute with just a picture.

Become a botanist

If you love nature and going for nature walks, this tool is amazing for you. Don’t know the name of a beautiful flower? Just click a picture and let Google do its work. It can tell you, not only the name of the flower but also if and how you can buy it and grow it in your own home. So, Plant the plant at your home and enjoy the view all the time.

Add events to your calendar

If you often see posters on the road and just want to attend those concerts and functions, it often happens that we don’t have the time to note the details and just click a picture of the flyer that we promptly forget all about. 

Google Lens prevents this from happening as It adds the event to your calendar and provides you with the event URL, date, time, contact e=info etc. for on the go.

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When you know where and how to use it, Google Lens is a lifesaver so, apply it in your life to make all your work easy. Still, have doubts? Comment them below and follow us for more awesome updates about the latest and useful applications.


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