The Impact Of iOS Updates On iPhone 7 Battery Performance!

- Updated: 5th Jan 2024, 12:23 IST
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The impact of iOS Updates on iPhone 7 Battery Performance has been quite a matter of discussion amongst users. By now, we all can agree that whenever there is a big OS update, a few bugs are sure to create setbacks. This has been the case with the Apple iPhone 7, as many users have faced a downgrade in battery performance after updating to the latest iOS version. So, today, let’s dive into this topic to understand how software updates may influence the battery life of this iconic device.

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The Dynamic World of iOS Updates And Its Impact:

Impact of iOS Updates on iPhone 7 Battery Performance

The iOS updates are designed to bring new features, improvements, and security enhancements to your iPhone. The last one that came out was iOS 17 facing a similar issue. But iPhone 7 supports software updates only till iOS 16. However, users often question whether these updates have unintended consequences on battery performance. It’s okay if your iPhone battery doesn’t last as long after you update it. That’s because, after an update, your iPhone has some tasks to do in the background, which can use up more battery for a little while. But if it’s a persisting situation, you might need deep analysis to solve the issue.

How Can You Improve iPhone 7 Battery Performance With Cashify?


Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7
Quad core (2.34 GHz, Dual core, Hurricane + 1.1 GHz, Dual core, Zephyr)PowerVR GT7600 Plus
326 ppi, IPS LCD750 x 1334 pixels
3840x2160 @ 30 fps, 1920x1080 @ 120 fps, 1280x720 @ 240 fpsSingle, 7MP

The Apple iPhone 7 has held its ground so far in the competitive market with its 4.7-inch display, 326 ppi IPS LCD screen, and the most reliable Quad-core Apple A10 Fusion APL1024 processor. Despite its reliability, users faced the impact of iOS updates on the iPhone 7’s battery performance as it started draining faster than it usually does.

Apple iPhone 7

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Steps To Avail Cashify’s Repair Service Online:

If you are unsure about the battery health of your Apple iPhone 7, you can get it diagnosed by an expert from Cashify. It may need a replacement, which won’t cost you a great fortune. Here are the steps on how you can book the repair service in simple steps:

  1. Go to the Cashify website and then the dedicated Mobile repair page. You will find it in the ‘All’ drop-down list.
  2. Next, you can search for your phone model using Apple’s brand name or directly write the model name in the search box. Or you can directly go to iPhone mobile repair.
  3. Select the model and the colour.
  4. On the next page, you will get a comprehensive list of repair services you can choose from, along with their quotes, to keep the process as transparent as possible.
  5. Choose ‘battery’ for mobile phone battery replacement from the list of options given.
    It is advisable that you create an account on the website so that it’s easier to keep track of the pickup and drop-off service.
  6. Now book your pickup slot with a convenient date and time and do the final checkout.
  7. A Cashify professional will pick up your device from your doorstep and also deliver it after the repair.
  8. You can make the payment online or offline after the service is completed and you get back your revived Apple iPhone 7.

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We can only say that the iOS updates may impact battery life differently for each user. Some updates might optimize power consumption, while others could inadvertently introduce new features that consume more power. It’s a delicate balance between innovation and maintaining the device’s efficiency. If you feel that you are not able to achieve optimal performance due to the impact of iOS Updates on iPhone 7 Battery Performance, feel free to get assistance from Cashify, the most trusted platform for smartphone repair services!

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