OnePlus 9R FAQ – 5G, NFC, Wireless charging, OIS

- Updated: 6th Dec 2021, 02:04 IST

Hey guys, this article is all about the most frequently asked questions or say FAQ’s about the talk of the town, OnePlus 9R.

1. Does it have Gcam support? 

– Since, the GCAM on OnePlus 9R comes with just LEVEL 3 Hardware support, it means you do get GCAM support but certain features are limited.

2. Can it record in 4K 60fps?

– Yes, in OnePlus 9R you get 4K 60fps support along with 4K 30fps.

3. Will it support 5G network bands in India? 

– Yes. OnePlus 9R is a 5G phone and it will most likely support 5G bands in India. It is expected that the Indian carriers will operate 5G on the N78 band and the OnePlus 9R also supports the same 5G N78 band.

4. Does it come with Dolby Atmos support?

– Yes, it has Dolby Atmos. When you plug in earphones you will be able to realise when you test it from the link given below. We tested it and the results turn out to be amazing.

          Stereo Vs Dolby Atmos:

If you really wish to experience the Dolby Atmos audio, you can check out this video from the link attached with an earpiece or headphones.

          Meaning of Dolby Atmos:

5. Does a fingerprint scanner work when your fingers are sweaty/watery? 

Yes it does! Quite impressive!

6. Does it have aptXHD support?

Yes it does support aptXHD. But you will be able to feel and sense this only when you have your earphones connected. Not all earphones might support aptXHD. Enable it from Bluetooth settings when connected to a TWS earphones.

7. What type of video stabilisation is available? 

OIS + EIS both types are supported. OIS or Optical Image Stabilization (HARDWARE), EIS or Electronic Image Stabilization (Software), OnePlus 9R can shoot stabilized video at 30fps @ 1080p and 4K.  

8. Which type of corning gorilla glass protection?

The brand doesn’t share the version of gorilla glass protection. It appears to be Corning Gorilla Glass 5. 

9. Is there a headphone jack? 

Unfortunately, no. OnePlus has decided to stay away from the 3.5mm audio jack. While most brands are bringing it back, or retaining it, OnePlus doesn’t seem to be fond of this audio jack. 

10. Can I do NFC payments? 

Yes. It has NFC enabled. You would be able to do the NFC payments. 

Try Google Pay service: It now supports NFC payment from two Indian banks, Axis and SBI. Both debit and credit cards are supported.  

11. Does it have carrier aggregation support? 

OnePlus 9R supports Carrier Aggregation, as you can see on my phone, where I’m using the Netmonster app to show the CA support. Here you can see 2300 bands being shown twice, which means it has 2cc band support.

12. Is there NavIC satellite support?

No. It doesn’t support India’s new navigation Satellite system. While the processor, Qualcomm 870 offers NavIC support, OnePlus hasn’t enabled it from its end on the 9R.  

13. How much time does it take to charge from zero to hundred? 

Well, we performed live testing and we noticed that in just 26 minutes it went to 50% and in 55 minutes it charged to full 100%.

14. What are the UFS 3.1 storage speeds? 

What does sequential speed mean? This means how fast your smartphone can read and write images, videos, and music files. The better the numbers, the faster it can communicate with the processor to load these files. 

The UFS 3.1 numbers are as follows

Sequential Read – 0.98 GB/s

Sequential Write – 520.60 MB/s

Now, what does random speed mean? Let us suppose you are installing a custom ROM or software update on your OnePlus 9R. You’ll notice a minor installation or new software upgrade takes a lot of time compared to a 10GB 4K video that will load easily to play or seek. Now this is because updating software or installing new means writing multiple files at multiple locations, which basically takes time as compared to writing a big file in a series of blocks. Let’s take a look at the random speeds of OnePlus 9R. 

15. What’s the screen on time you get on ideal usage? 

Around 7.5 hours with a 120Hz refresh rate turned on all the time. 60Hz – screen on time. You will get 1 hour extra when you use 60Hz all the time. 

That’s all guys, if you wish to know more about the OnePlus 9R FAQ’s and see all the 25 important questions, head on to our youtube channel and watch the full video (link attached).


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