Samsung S23 Ultra Camera Update – What You Need to Know

- Updated: 16th May 2023, 18:21 IST
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    Samsung S23 Ultra Camera Update: What we know
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Samsung has a reputation for producing some of the best mobile phone cameras available. However, the Galaxy S23 series, particularly the Samsung S23 Ultra, has been underperforming in terms of camera quality. While Samsung has released an update to address these issues, it may not be enough. To completely fix the camera problems on the S23 Ultra, another over-the-air update is likely necessary. If you’re looking for top-notch mobile photography, keep an eye out for the latest Samsung S23 Ultra camera update.

Ice Universe, a Chinese tech blogger, claims Samsung is working on an update to remedy the HDR processing issue that causes strange halos around subjects in images taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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Samsung S23 Ultra Camera Update: What we know

When processing HDR images, dealing with areas of high contrast is one of the trickier challenges. In a nutshell, these halo-like shapes indicate that your gadget is not handling itself well. Companies that make semiconductors and smartphones have perfected methods to create images with a wide colour gamut and no distracting contrast banding. Yet, the S23 Ultra looks to be failing miserably in this regard.

Samsung S23 Ultra camera update

The issue with the Ultra’s camera update may take a few weeks to resolve, according to leaks. Leaked info suggests the May 2023 security update may include the patch for the issue.

Recent camera updates have improved noise reduction and fixed issues with video recording and focusing. One Galaxy S22 Ultra user has also reported seeing a halo, so it’s not only the Galaxy S23.


Even though the Galaxy S23 has only been out for two months, Samsung runs the real risk of being all over the news for all the wrong reasons, even if it’s just in this small part of tech. A recent earnings prediction shows that it is getting ready for a bad first quarter of 2023 in terms of money. Still, the growth of the company’s smartphone business could be one of the few good things about the quarter.

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