Run a Diagnostic On My Samsung Phone: Step by Step Guide Here

- Updated: 16th Apr 2024, 12:36 IST
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    How do I Run a Diagnostic on my Samsung Phone?
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    Tips to Follow When Running Diagnostics on My Samsung Phone
    • Before Running Diagnostics on Samsung Phones
    • During Diagnostics on Samsung Phones
    • After Completing Diagnostics 
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    Details Covered in Samsung Diagnostics App
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How Do I run a Diagnostic on my Samsung Phone: Wondering if your Samsung phone is in good health or not? Whether you are using a second-hand phone or a new one, you have to walk your phone through a series of diagnostic tests. Samsung Galaxy Phones have built-in diagnostics that help to decipher the working conditions of the device.

Diagnostic testing is one efficient approach to find out if the smartphone you are using is fine. It is also considered one of the major tools that helps to check if the second-hand phone you are buying has a great life ahead. Hence, it is advised to buy a refurbished phone from Cashify, as all the phones sold by us pass through rigorous tests thus offering you a great smartphone experience. Now, as we have answered How Do I run a Diagnostic on my Samsung Phone, read this article to know about the major process

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How do I Run a Diagnostic on my Samsung Phone?

Running the diagnostics on a Galaxy phone can be done using the Samsung Members app. It offers a quick and real-time insight into Galaxy diagnostics. You can follow these steps if you want to run a diagnostic on my Samsung phone.

Step 1: Launch the Samsung Members app on your Samsung Galaxy device 

Step 2: Find and click on the Diagnostics options and then follow either of the two methods mentioned below.

  • Option 1: Check on the Get Help button and then select View Tests under the Diagnostics section
  • Option 2: Click on the Plus icon for more options and then select diagnostics 

Step 3: Next, run tests and then tap on Start or Test all if you want to test all the mentioned categories. Follow any on-screen instructions during the tests

Step 4: After the tests are complete, check out the results for each category. A green checkmark indicates that every app is functioning normally while it highlights any major issue

Tips to Follow When Running Diagnostics on My Samsung Phone

Before Running Diagnostics on Samsung Phones

  • The major reasons for running diagnostics on Samsung phones are to check battery health, wifi issues etc. This helps to guide towards which specific tests to run or help interpret the results later
  • While running diagnostics on a Samsung phone ensure that it has sufficient battery so that it does not die during the process

During Diagnostics on Samsung Phones

  • The diagnostic tests on Samsung phones involve user interaction to tackle certain functionalities
  • One should run a full diagnostic scan and avoid interrupting the process to ensure accurate results 

After Completing Diagnostics 

  • After completing diagnostics, a green checkmark usually indicates everything is functioning normally. While error messages show that any of the apps highlights potential issues
  • The app might suggest solutions or optimisation tips based on the diagnostic results

Details Covered in Samsung Diagnostics App

The Samsung Diagnostic App is an inbuilt feature in the Galaxy phone that offers a detailed insight into multiple features. It enables a user to check the following details easily. 

Details Covered by Samsung Diagnostic App
Power restart statusOfficial software
Mobile networkSensors
Proximity recognitionTouch screen
Location accuracyWi-Fi
BluetoothFingerprint recognition
Face recognitionWired headphones
USB connectionS Pen touching
S Pen hoveringCable charging
Wireless chargingBattery status


Running diagnostics on Samsung phones is a great way to troubleshoot any issues that can hamper one’s phone’s performance. One has to refer to the basic steps and consider the tips and considerations. One should follow this while running diagnostics on your Samsung Galaxy phone using the Samsung Members app.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Samsung Members app can be used to run a diagnostics on my Samsung phone and provide real-time insights into its performance
  • There are two options to access the diagnostics feature, either by clicking on “Get Help” and selecting “View Tests” or by clicking on the plus icon and selecting “Diagnostics”
  • It is important to note down any issues with the phone’s battery or Wi-Fi before running diagnostics to complete the diagnostics easily

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