How To Get Apple iPhone X Battery Replaced?

- Updated: 2nd Jul 2021, 02:42 IST

Today, in this article we will be discussing how Apple iPhone X users can get their phone’s battery repaired or replaced in case it is damaged. There can be multiple reasons for a phone’s battery damage which can include a rapidly discharging battery or fast-draining battery, etc. This article will guide you through two of the easiest ways to get your phone’s battery repaired or replaced. 

The first alternative to get your Apple iPhone X battery replacement done is Cashify :

  • In order to visit Cashify, you will have to sign up or login to Cashify battery repair.
  • As soon as you login to the page, you will have to fill in details regarding the condition of your phone’s battery. 
  • Apple iPhone X battery replacement cost in India at Cashify is Rs. 6,999. 
  • Cashify ensures that it offers the best quality parts of a smartphone at very reasonable prices. 
  • Cashify offers warranty/ guarantee to all its customers as and when the services are available.
  • Doorstep services and instant repairs are provided by Cashify which means the time spent by the customer in visiting the store is saved. 

The second option is to visit a nearby Apple authorized service centre in order to get your Apple iPhone battery repair done :

  • Apple authorized service centres make sure they provide original parts of a phone but it comes with a heavy price tag. 
  • Apple authorized centres provide warranty/ guarantee only if a customer is enrolled under AppleCare+ subscription. 
  • If you want to get your Apple iPhone X battery replacement at an Apple authorized service centre you will have to keep your phone at the store for at least one week. 
  • Doorstep services and instant repairs are not offered by an Apple service centre which means the customers will have to visit the store. 

Apple iPhone X is a marvelous phone with a wide range of features to offer. If the phone’s battery starts discharging or starts behaving weirdly you will not be able to fully enjoy the features offered by the phone. If any such incident occurs, the Apple iPhone X battery replacement would be the best choice. Cashify is one of the most reliable platforms for all your battery repair and replacement needs. Its services will fit in your budget perfectly and the platform is very easy to use with offers like doorstep services. This means the experience of a user on this platform will be hassle-free and smooth.


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