Consumers Switching To Pre-owned Phones For Faster Net Speed: Cashify Survey

- Updated: 24th Jul 2020, 07:23 IST

Did you ever wonder people from which cities shatter their smartphone screens the most? Well, we at Cashify do. Read on to find out the answer. 

We recently wrapped up our study ‘White Paper 2020 Edition’ of the Indian second hand smartphone market for the year of 2019 and have some insights to share. Guess what, people of Delhi are the most flimsy with their phones with 33% of total shattered phones in India for the year of 2019 followed by residents of Bangalore at 21%. As a matter of fact, we’ve noticed that a majority of smartphone users from the national capital have used or are using a cracked screen at some point of time.

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Some of the other key insights from our study includes China based consumer electronics brand Xiaomi’s phones being the most sold smartphones in second hand market followed by South Korean tech giant Samsung’s smartphone offerings. In terms of specific models of the smartphones, Redmi Note 4 and Apple’s iPhone 6 ranked first and second respectively, being sold after having used for some time.

Wanna find out people from which city give the most accurate description of the their phone’s condition while re-selling them and people of which city lie the most? Find it out in this report on ZeeBiz about Cashify’s ‘White Paper 2020 Edition’.


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