CES 2020: OnePlus Unveils Concept One

- Updated: 24th May 2023, 16:04 IST
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    One Plus: A Tough Competitor
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    Partnering with McLaren
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    Disappearing Camera Lens

You might have heard the news regarding OnePlus’ presence for the first time at this year’s CES 2020. Well, the company did make its debut with a bang as it launched a concept phone with disappearing cameras.

One Plus: A Tough Competitor

OnePlus is one of the most promising companies in the tech industry right now. While we know that it is still a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, it is still different in many ways since it competes with Google, Apple and Samsung and not Xiaomi or Realme. 

OnePlus has evolved to become a major manufacturer. We know that it is taking a route of developing proper flagship phones with their prices touching flagship levels too. The company says that they have not stopped innovating in the industry either. To show this, OnePlus announced to launch something named as “OnePlus: Concept One” at CES 2020.

Partnering with McLaren

OnePlus made its presence at the CES tech show after five years in the industry. The first ‘Concept One’ smartphone is a concept phone made by OnePlus in partnership with McLaren, the famous sports car manufacturer. It is worth noting that the concept OnePlus has brought forward with this smartphone is of disappearing cameras. 

Disappearing Camera Lens

There is a particular type of glass used at the back of this phone known as electrochromic glass which can become opaque with varying electric currents. This means that you can hide the camera on the back of your device, purely for aesthetic purposes. This glass adds a handy party trick which is a built-in ND filter allowing you to shoot in direct sunlight without a lens flare effect.

Right now, we feel that this feature is not very useful since no one wants to hide their camera setup. However, it might become useful down the line. As more camera sensors are being added to the phone which might look ugly. Such a glass would add to the overall look of your phone. OnePlus says it needs to test the sturdiness of this glass to add it to a real-world consumer-ready device. But we feel that this is a practical concept which OnePlus could add to its upcoming phones in less than a year from now.

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