Cashify Awarded ISO 27001 Compliant Certificate

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 16:04 IST

As an organization that deals with smartphones, a tool that carries much of the user’s footprints, we at Cashify have always been extra-careful about information security. Data protection plays a key role throughout every process at Cashify. And we are happy to be awarded the ISO 27001 Compliant Certificate which not only testifies to our robust maintenance of confidentiality, integrity & availability of customer information but also makes us more driven to stay as sensitive to data protection as ever.

Our Buyback service factors in information security that enables our users to stay protected through all stages. Our strict data protection measures include complete erasure of data from every mobile phone that comes to us through buyback. Policies have been put at every step of the way to ensure that we offer users not just a hassle-free selling experience but also full confidence on data security.


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