5 Best Window Inverter AC In India November 2022

By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
Updated: 1st Nov 2022 11:03 IST

Table Of Contents

  • 1
    Why Buy A Window Inverter AC?
  • 2
    Best Window Inverter AC – Top 5 List
    • 1. Hitachi RAW518HDEA
    • 2. Blue Star 5W18GBTILV
    • 3. LG PW-Q18WUXA
    • 4. Lloyd LW19I52MZ
    • 5. Voltas 185V ADA
  • 3
    Best Window Inverter AC In India – Final Thoughts

Highlights of the Story

  • Window Inverter ACs are significantly better than fixed speed ACs as they are more energy efficient.
  • They are able to automatically adjust as per the room temperature and offer soothing cooling around the clock.
  • In this article, we have listed the best Window Inverter AC options that you should buy in India!

When thinking about getting an air conditioner, Split ACs are probably what comes to mind first. However, even in 2022, getting yourself a Window Inverter AC is a wise decision. What makes them a significantly better option than fixed speed air conditioners is the motor speed. Unlike fixed speed options, Window Inverter air conditioners can control the compressor motor speed. This allows them to save on energy and provide efficient cooling at the same time.

However, the market is pretty saturated and the options are innumerable. To help you out, we have filtered the list and narrowed it down to the five best options. So, without any further ado, let us dive right in and get you a fantastic Window Inverter AC now, shall we?

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Why Buy A Window Inverter AC?

Window Inverter air conditioners offer a wide variety of benefits. These benefits easily make them far better options than fixed speed options. Getting a Window Inverter air conditioner definitely may seem like a slightly more expensive affair. However, they offer incredible value for money. Here’s how:

  • More energy efficient
  • Environment-friendly
  • Way better cooling control
  • Suitable for all sorts of rooms

Best Window Inverter AC – Top 5 List

1. Hitachi RAW518HDEA

Hitachi RAW518HDEA Window Inverter AC

Hitachi is one of the leading air conditioner brands in India, with a 12.5 per cent market share. That makes the brand the fourth largest AC maker right after Blue Star, Daikin, and Voltas. Moreover, when it comes to Window Inverter AC, Hitachi is one of the most sought-after brands.

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To be specific, the Hitachi RAW518HDEA is one of the best Window Inverter air conditioners to buy in India right now. For starters, it brings a 1.5 ton capacity to the table. The cherry on top is its 5 Star Energy Rating. Overall, this is a must-buy for sure!

Excellent built qualityNoisy
5 Star Energy RatingExpensive
1.5 ton capacity

Price in India: Rs. 42,871

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2. Blue Star 5W18GBTILV

Blue Star 5W18GBTILV Window Inverter AC

Blue Star needs no introduction in the air conditioner space. The brand has been dominating the segment like a boss, with a 13.25 per cent market share. It goes without saying that if you are looking for a Window Inverter AC, they are one of the best brands. The Blue Star 5W18GBTILV is an incredible option to consider.

This is a 1.5 ton air conditioner we are talking about. That basically allows it to cool a normal or slightly bigger than normal room efficiently. Blue Star’s Turbo Cool tech is a lifesaver during the hottest of days. Additional features include a Dust Filter, Self Diagnosis, Comfort Sleep and more.

Unparalleled after-sales serviceNoisy
5 Star Energy RatingSlightly expensive
1.5 ton capacity

Price in India: Rs. 38,900

Buy on Amazon

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LG PW-Q18WUXA Window Inverter AC

One of the main reasons why people refrain from getting Window ACs now is the excessive sound. However, when it comes to the LG PW-Q18WUXA, you don’t have to worry about it. This particular Window Inverter AC barely makes any sound. LG indeed stays true to its promise of this air conditioner offering silent operation.

Additionally, this air conditioner also comes with 4-in-1 cooling modes to make use of. That is unbelievable at this price point. Besides, it also comes with very important features like a low gas indicator and a clean filter indicator. This AC totally hits the spot in all aspects and is easily one of the best options.

Silent operationNot 5 Star
Excellent compact design
1.5 ton capacity
Great after-sales service

Price in India: Rs. 34,490

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4. Lloyd LW19I52MZ

Lloyd LW19I52MZ Air Conditioner

The Lloyd LW19I52MZ is not just one of the cheapest options, but also an environment-friendly one. This air conditioner uses the R-32 environment-friendly refrigerant. This does not cause the Ozone layer to deplete, which is incredible.

Additionally, this affordable Window Inverter AC comes with a powerful dehumidification feature. This allows you to get rid of moisture on those extra humid days. There is also a Clean Air Filter which ensures that the air you breathe in is free from pollutants.

Cheap but powerfulNoisy
5 Star Energy Rating
1.5 ton capacity

Price in India: Rs. 34,979

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5. Voltas 185V ADA

Voltas 185V ADA Air Conditioner

On way too tight a budget? Don’t worry, the Voltas 185V ADA should do the trick. This 5 star Window Inverter AC packs all the amazing features. There is a Turbo Cooling Mode for you to make your room extra chilly during the hottest of days.

In addition, there is also a SuperDry Mode for those humid days. This mode removes excess moisture from the air and keeps you comfortable.

It does not end there. There is also a Sleep Mode which allows this AC to automatically adjust the cooling as per your sleep patterns. The AC remote comes with glow buttons for you to make use of when in the dark. Definitely, one of the best options to grab.

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5 Star Energy Rating
1.5 ton capacity

Price in India: Rs. 33,150

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Best Window Inverter AC In India – Final Thoughts

So, this was our list of best Window Inverter AC options in India. There are quite a few options in the market. However, these are the best of what each of the leading brands has to offer. Besides, there is something or the other for you from each price category.

Depending on the kind of budget you have for it, you can pick any. All of these are excellent options that won’t let you down now or in the long run. With that being said, we hope this list serves its purpose and helps you get the right air conditioner for your home.

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