5 Best Portable Air Conditioners In India January 2023

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Updated: 29th Dec 2022 17:37 IST

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    Best Portable AC in India
    • 1. Vozica Go Arctic Portable AC
    • 2. hYwecy Portable AC
    • 3. Crompton Portable Air Cooler
    • 4. NertPow Air Conditioner
    • 5. Vagkri Portable Air Conditioner
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    Best Portable AC: Final Thoughts

Highlights of the Story

  • The best portable AC come from various brands and have an effective cooling system for small rooms.
  • Know here, the top five products in this segment.

Nobody enjoys the poorly air-conditioned places in the scorching weather. And at times, it can really become much uncomfortable. Also, if there are extra people on the premises, you can only imagine what it’s going to be. So, what is the solution, then? Luckily, we have the best portable AC in the picture!! Generally of 1-ton capacity, these AC are designed to move freely and are best suited for small places.

Today, you can find different brands offering products in this category. But with the limited options available, it can become really difficult for you to find the best portable AC of all. Hence, to help you out, we have curated this list. So, let’s check them out.

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Best Portable AC in India

Here, have a look at the best portable AC in India.

1. Vozica Go Arctic Portable AC

Vozica Go Arctic Portable AC

This is one of the best portable AC available on the market. The size is so perfect that you can easily place it on your table while working or studying. It is even convenient for travel or outdoors. This Portable air conditioner by Vozica is multifunctional and can act as an Air cooler, Humidifier, and Purifier. Furthermore, the air conditioner also comes with 7-colour soothing night lights. The air conditioner utilizes an upgraded filter to avoid any water leaking.

Talking about cooling technology, this Vozica air conditioner uses evaporative technology to convert hot, dry air into cool, moist air, thus keeping you cool and your skin moist. Furthermore, you can also add ice to the tank. This portable air cooler is powered by a USB cable.

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2. hYwecy Portable AC

2. hYwecy Portable AC

Next on our list of the best portable AC is this hYwecy portable air cooler. Placed at a much more pocket-friendly rate, this air conditioner is extremely compact and light in weight. The air conditioner features 4-in-1 functions, i.e., it has a normal fan mode, humidifier, purifier and mini air cooler mode. Since the air conditioner is wireless, so you can easily place it anywhere and can also carry it outdoors. The tank has a 200 Ml water capacity where you can also put ice for more chilled air.

The cooling fan featured in this air conditioner has three modes to adjust the wind speed along with an adjustable air outlet direction. Also, the air conditioner makes very less noise when functioning. This air conditioner comes with a touch display to adjust the wind speed and humidification functions. Furthermore, this portable air conditioner is powered by a type C charger and can offer a run time of five to eight hours on a single charge.

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3. Crompton Portable Air Cooler

Crompton Portable Air Cooler

This Crompton air conditioner is ideal for homes or offices. With honeycomb cooling pads, the air conditioner ensures cool effective air even on peak summer days. There is also an ice chamber and cool flow dispenser, which is known to offer superior cooling. Furthermore, the fan featured in this air conditioner comes with three modes- high, medium and low, so you can adjust the fan speed as per your requirements. This Crompton air conditioner is easy-to-use and has a knob to control the fan speed, cooling and swing settings.

The motor used by this AC is very powerful and offers long-lasting performance, thus keeping it durable for years. Talking about the design, you would love the stylish and aesthetic design featured by this air conditioner.

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4. NertPow Air Conditioner

NertPow Air Conditioner

This is again one of the best portable AC that you can purchase in 2022. This air conditioner can work as both an air cooler and a humidifier. So no matter the weather outside, hot or humid, this air conditioner is the perfect solution for cool and moist air. Furthermore, the air conditioner ensures cool air in all directions. Also, with a powerful and quiet motor, you can enjoy cool air peacefully.

The air conditioner has a large tank capacity of 350 ml which can store water and ice for a max of three to four hours. Also, there is a mist spray that keeps your skin cool and moist and is automatically turned off once the water is used up completely. The fan has three modes- medium, high and low which you can adjust as per your needs. Also, there are seven colour LED lights and you can choose and set the colour as per your choice.

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5. Vagkri Portable Air Conditioner

Vagkri Portable Air Conditioner

Lastly, on the premium end, we have the Vagkri air conditioner on our list of the best portable AC. The air conditioner delivers cool air instantly, thus making the entire room cool within minutes. However, it is ideal for small-sized rooms. The air conditioner features three modes- an air cooler, a humidifier, and a normal fan mode. You can use any of these modes as per your needs. Additionally, with the Smart eco mode and Auto mode, you can save a lot of energy and effort, hence making this air conditioner much more efficient.

There is an auto-swing mode that allows air to move in all directions. With an LED panel and full-function remote, you can easily operate this air conditioner. Lastly, the design of this air conditioner is excellent, and there are four wheels that make the movement of the air conditioner quite easy.

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Best Portable AC: Final Thoughts

So, that’s all about the best portable AC in India. Hopefully, you will find this list helpful. Here, we have mentioned products having the maximum user ratings and reviews. Also, the flexible price range will make the purchasing decision easier for you. Don’t forget to check our other listicles on Mobile phones, Smartwatches, Printers, Refrigerators and more.

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