5 Best Water Purifier Brands in India You Must Know About

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 00:55 IST
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    Understanding The Basics
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    What is TDS?
    • TDS in Drinking Water Implications
    • What are Different TDS levels, and what do they indicate?
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    1) TATA Swach Cristella
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    2) Eureka Forbes Aquasure 
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    3) Blue Star Cresto 
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    4) Livpure Zinger
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    5) HUL Pureit
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Looking for the best water purifier brands? Many families in India are now opting for a mechanised water purification system. Water quality is becoming more hardened for drinking purposes, so one cannot risk their life upon compromising their water quality needs. The buyers of water purifiers have to ensure that the machine they are getting is sturdily built and can easily filter out the dissolvable solids from the water to make it better and more drinkable. 

In this article, we have listed some of the best water purifier brands that can help you get an idea of which one will suit your needs as per the water quality that runs in your area. 

Serial No.ProductPriceLink to Buy
1.TATA Swach Cristella ₹2,549Amazon
2.Eureka Forbes Aquasure₹8,799Amazon
3.Blue Star Cresto₹8,990Amazon
4.Livpure Zinger₹14,999Amazon
5.HUL Pureit₹21,490Amazon

Understanding The Basics

Before we jump into the article, we need to understand what dissolvable salts (TDS – Total Dissolvable Salts) mean in water. Also, the meaning of RO, UV and UF in water purification systems must be clear to understand these water purifier brands.

We start with the RO, UV and UF first- 

  • RO – Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water cleansing method that utilises a synthetic lining to sift out undesirable molecules and big particles such as pollutants and deposits like chlorine, salt, and dirt from drinking water.
  • UV – In a UV-based water purifier, UV (Ultraviolet) rays destroy the dangerous bacteria from the water, making it safe. The UV-based water purifiers are suitable for health because they destroy all the dangerous microbes in the water without impacting the taste of the water.
  • UF – Ultrafiltration (UF) operates with traditional home water pressure to force water via a synthetic lining and terminate pollutants. Unlike Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration (UF) keeps minerals in the water while sifting out bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

What is TDS?

TDS is called Total Dissolved Solids and is directed to the total concentration of dissolved items in drinking water. TDS contains inorganic salts and a slight amount of organic matter, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc. The TDS level is how many total dissolved solids are in the water.

TDS in Drinking Water Implications

TDS in drinking water arises from biological origins such as sewage, metropolitan run-offs, industrial discharge, chemicals in the water treatment process, and chemical fertilisers used in the garden and plumbing. Since water quickly takes up such pollutants and can soak and dissolve these particles rapidly, if you have heightened levels of TDS in drinking water, it is not only a health threat but also makes the water terrible and saline in taste. Calcium and magnesium are two critical items typically discovered in TDS and can cause water hardness.

What are Different TDS levels, and what do they indicate?

The TDS level enables us to determine whether the drinking water is suitable for consumption or does it demands filtration as it is highly impure. Parts per million (PPM) is the measurement used for estimating the TDS level in the water.

  • TDS Between 50-150 PPM means water quality is excellent for drinking. 
  • If TDS is between 150-200 PPM, then it means that the water is still good for drinking purposes.
  • In case the TDS is at a range of 250-300 PPM, then the water quality is still fair to drink.
  • If the TDS level is at 300-500 PPM, water quality is inferior and unsuitable for drinking. 
  • Anything above 500-1200 TDS can be considered really hard water and requires heavy filtration before it can be made drinkable. 

You can send your water to be tested in a lab or use a TDS meter to check the TDS level in your water.

1) TATA Swach Cristella

best water purifier brands

This product by TATA can be an ideal water purifier choice where the water quality is inferior and the TDS ranges between 1200-1500 ppm. It is the most economical product in our article and can be an excellent choice for budget-bound buyers.

It is built with food-grade body material, and this water purifier also meets the Log Reduction Value [Log reduction is a measurement of how exhaustively a decontamination process reduces the concentration of a pollutant] for bacteria, viruses and cysts as per USEPA [the United States Environmental Protection Agency] Guidelines making it a good choice for water purification.

The cartridge life of this water purifier is up to 6000 litres. Since it has a capacity of 18 litres, the maths suggest that it filters the water 333 times before you require the filter change, which is quite a remarkable life of the filter installed in this water purifier at such a price range.

  • Dimensions: ‎30.5 x 30.5 x 54.6 Centimeters
  • Weight: 2.25 Kgs
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Capacity: 18 Liters

2) Eureka Forbes Aquasure 

best water purifier brands

One of the highest sellers by Eureka Forbes, the Aquasure is a product that is sure of the water quality it delivers. The advanced TDS controller lets you change the water’s taste per the water source. Moreover, with the ability to treat water with TDS levels upto 2000 ppm, you are getting a water purifier that is hitting the benchmark in the purification levels and ensuring that your water tastes good. It comes with UV-C Purification, meaning the water’s quality is as good as water boiled for 20 minutes. 

At this price range, you get LED sign alerts when the tank is full, when service is due & when cartridges need replacement. It also has a translucent tank that lets you quickly inspect water levels.

Eureka Forber claims that this water purifier saves up to 60% water, while the typical water purifiers waste 50-75% water. You can also get a Booster Pump installed for the smooth functioning of the water purifier in case of inlet water pressure is less.

  • Dimensions: ‎23.8 x 30 x 43 Centimeters
  • Weight: ‎4.7 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year 
  • Capacity: ‎7 Litres

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3) Blue Star Cresto 

best water purifier brands

Blue Star, one of the leading brands in Air Conditioners, significantly impacted the water purification industry as well with this product and making its name as one of the best water purifier brands. It comes with RO (Reverse Osmosis) + UV (Ultraviolet) +UF (Ultrafiltration), all three purification systems to ensure the safest water.

This water purifier also comes with Aqua Taste Booster (ATB), which employs Calcite, a mineral rock of roughly 95% calcium carbonate and 3% magnesium carbonate. It is typically used in water treatment applications to neutralise acidic or low pH water to reduce corrosiveness and balance pH levels.

Another great feature of the Cresto is that it comes with a ‘Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon’ system that terminates odour and flammable organic mixtures from water and has anti-bacterial effects. 

  • Dimensions: ‎‎20.5 x 34.2 x 45.3 Centimeters
  • Weight: ‎8 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year 
  • Capacity: ‎7 Litres

4) Livpure Zinger

best water purifier brands

Livpure is a company fully dedicated to providing water purifiers and is one of the best water purifier brands. This Zinger is a mid-level water purifier that offers many water filtration systems. It can filter water as hard as 2200 PPM.

It comes with 7 Stage Purification-

  1. Super Sediment Filter – To clean water of unnecessary solids.
  2. Carbon Block Filter – To remove certain highly organic chemicals from water. Such filters can also terminate chemicals that give unsavoury tastes to water, such as hydrogen sulfide (horrid eggs smell) or chlorine.
  3. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane. 
  4. Ultra Filteration (UF) Cartridge.
  5. Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilisation at every hour.
  6. Mineral Cartridge/ Mineraliser – Provides proper level of vital minerals in water like magnesium, potassium etc.
  7. Copper 29 Minerals Cartridge to ensure your water is packed with essential minerals.

This machine also offers copper-charged water, which is known to improve digestion, prevent heart conditions, lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

  • Dimensions:‎ 34.5 x 23 x 49.5 Centimeters
  • Weight: ‎7 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year 
  • Capacity: ‎‎6.5 Litres

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5) HUL Pureit

best water purifier brands

The top-end water purifier available on the market, HUL’s Pureit, is a great water purifier with some fantastic purification features. Pureit can be used for TDS upto 2000 PPM. 

It comes with Copper Charge Technology which charges water with 99.8% pure copper in real-time. This water purifier ingrains the right amount of copper in every glass of water. Drinking water which is copper-charged, is known to enhance digestion, avert heart diseases, lower hypertension, reduce cholesterol and is also suitable for the skin.

The Dual Dispensing System allows you to choose between Copper Charged RO water and normal RO water. It also offers the Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning, which snappily perceives and plans copper auto-cleaning for refreshed copper infusion in the water every time.

Like the Livpure Zinger, this machine also comes with the same 7 Stage Purification system and copper-charged water. But the edge this water purifier has over the Zinger is the Intelligent Copper Auto-Cleaning.

  • Dimensions:‎ ‎36.1 x 35 x 44.7 Centimeters
  • Weight: ‎9.5 Kgs
  • Warranty: 1 Year 
  • Capacity: ‎‎8 Litres


Water is an essential source of life, and with the growing pollutants, the water quality is surely decreasing. We need to ensure that the best water purifiers are installed in our houses/workplaces so that our water quality remains intact.

We hope that our article helps you get insight into which water purifier will be suitable for your needs. Be aware of the correct TDS of your water source before buying a water purifier.

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