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    1) LG Wi-Fi DUAL Inverter 
    • Key Features: 
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    2) Voltas Inverter Adjustable
    • Key Features: 
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    3) Panasonic Wi-Fi Twin-Cool Inverter
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    4) Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HP 
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Highlights of the Story

  • Looking for an AC to beat the heat?
  • We have listed four of the best AC brands out there in the market and their best product which are definitely feature loaded and offers the best cooling.

Looking for the best AC brands? Because it gets hotter and hotter every summer, isn’t it? Are you interested in shortlisting the best AC brand for your home? Want to upgrade your old AC or buy your first one? Here’s what you’re looking for! 

Please find out the best AC brands with their prices in this article.

Serial No.ProductPriceLink to Buy
1.LG Wi-Fi DUAL InverterI.)1.5 Ton Variant -₹37,990

II.)2 Ton Variant – ₹46,580
For 1.5 Ton Amazon

For 2 Ton Amazon
2.Voltas Inverter Adjustable₹42,990Amazon
3.Panasonic Wi-Fi Twin-Cool Inverter ₹54,990Amazon
4.Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HPI.) 1 Ton Variant – ₹56,000

II.) 1.5 Ton Variant – ₹75,000

III.) 2 Ton Variant –
Official Website

1) LG Wi-Fi DUAL Inverter 

LG Wi-Fi Dual Inverter

LG is one of the best AC brands in the market, and their AI DUAL Inverter is an innovative AC to buy.

This AC comes with Copper made pipes and LG’s ocean black protection coating that prevents the pipes and the compressor from corroding and breakdown. 

Key Features: 

AI Dual Inverter: This AC has two rotors. The load is divided into these two rotors, resulting in more rapid cooling and increased power efficiency.

Super Convertible 6-in-1 cooling: Offers cooling as per the capacity that is present in the room. The AC’s sensor will detect the rise in the room temperature due to increased crowd and adjust the fan speed and cooling mechanism accordingly. It has six cooling modes depending on the group inside the room. 

HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection: This AC’s filter mesh is coated with Cationic Silver Ions (AgNPs), which act as a powerful Antimicrobial that will trap more than 99% Virus and bacteria.

Cools at 52⁰ C: The most exceptional feature of this AC would be it being a reliable AC even at a hot temperature like 52⁰C.

Low gas detection: The AC will alert you via the Smartphone App and through its in-built Low Gas light that you need to fill in the gas into the compressor of the AC.

Self Diagnosis: Can run a quick check-up and tell if there is any part that requires service or replacement. 

Auto Clean: The auto-clean function will stop the increase of dangerous microorganisms by destroying the dampness inside the indoor unit. This process stops corroding the evaporator coil. 

You can go for the 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton variant depending on the room size as they also provide the same features as we stated above, but the only key differences will come in their noise level and power consumption. Also, the 1.5 Ton AC will be a great fit for rooms ranging from 111 to 150 sq.ft. The 2 Ton will be ideal for spaces ranging from 151 sq.ft to 180 sq.ft.

  • Condenser Coil: Copper Made (More Long Lasting than Aluminium Based Coil)
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 1106.26 units for 1.5 Ton AC and 1370.63 units for 2 Ton AC. 
  • Noise Level: ‎44 dB for 1.5 Ton Unit and 44 dB for 2 Ton Unit. 
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty, which will cover all the wear and tear on AC that happens, and 10 Years Warranty on the Compressor
  • Type: Window AC
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton variants
  • Energy Rating: 5-star rating for all the three variants

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2) Voltas Inverter Adjustable

best ac brands

A reliable product from TATA’s very own AC Brand, Voltas, it is no surprise that TATA makes reliable and affordable cars/ trucks and the same is with their ACs making them one of the best AC brands.

This AC can function as both a 1 Ton and 1.4 Ton AC as it offers a feature called Adjustable Mode, which operates on various tonnages per requirement. This AC can operate on both 1.4 Ton and 1 Ton, evaluating the temperature or crowd in the room and adjusting its capacity accordingly. This is a really cool feature as it will help you save a lot on your electricity bills.

Key Features: 

Cools at 52⁰ C: The most exceptional feature of this AC would be it being a reliable AC even at a hot temperature like 52⁰C.

Superdry Mode: The Superdry mode dehumidifies the room fast. This mode will trap the excess water vapour in the air at a more increased pace and within a shorter period.

Multi-Stage Filtration: The filters terminate allergens, scents and additional toxic particles to provide calm and refreshing air.

4 Way Auto Louver: 4 Speed Fan ensures exceptional ease and solace in all sorts of heat.

CO2 Reduction: This AC assists in diminishing the levels of CO2 in a closed space to improve the quality of air ventilation. The filter terminates combustible organic mixtures and different harmful gases.

  • Condenser Coil: Copper Made (More Long Lasting than Aluminium Based Coil)
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 1101.55 units
  • Noise Level: 46 dB
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on the Central Unit and 4 Years Warranty on the Compressor
  • Type: Split AC
  • Capacity: 1.4 Ton
  • Energy Rating: 5-star rating 
  • Ideal for Room Sizes: Up to 150 sq.ft.

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3) Panasonic Wi-Fi Twin-Cool Inverter

best AC brand

The Wi-Fi Twin-Cool Inverter AC is a gateway to the future as it offers you a cool Artificial Intelligence based feature. Panasonic ACs deliver comfort with the AI-enabled Miraie App, where the word Miraie is Japanese and roughly translates to ‘to the future’ but in present, we can easily say that Panasonic is one of the best AC brands.

With thoughtful and impressive elements such as the customized sleep mode, the AC allows its owners to pre-set temperature profiles through the night for a better nicety. The users of this AC can also create additional temperature profiles for their weekdays and weekends.  

Miraie app also furnishes one-touch service requests. The Miraie app allows owners of this to handle their e-warranties and acquire information about their upcoming services. 

Key Features:

Auto Diagnosis: It also features an automatic auto-diagnosis quality wherein the AC will detect issues in advance and alert users before a complete breakdown

The Twin Cool Inverter: This AC has two rotors. The load is split into these two rotors, resulting in better cooling and improved energy efficiency.

Voice Assitant: You can also run this AC via voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Shield Blu Technology: Anti Corrosion Blue Fin Technology enhances the compressor’s life and keeps the piping system safe in highly humid coastal regions.

Dehumidifier: This mode will entrap the extra moisture in the air at a higher rate and within a shorter time.

  • Condenser Coil: Copper Made (More Long Lasting than Aluminium Based Coil)
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 1044.47 units.
  • Noise Level: ‎43 dB
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty, 5 Years Warranty on PCB and 10 Years Warranty on Compressor
  • Type: Split AC
  • Capacity: 2 Ton
  • Energy Rating:  5-star rating 
  • Ideal for Room Sizes: 181 sq.ft. to 260 sq.ft.

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4) Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HP 

best ac brands

An AC that is the first choice for residential apartment builders, the MSZ-HP doesn’t offer many fancy features, but it is a good AC overall and one of the best AC brands. With a computerized dehumidification system to entrap extra moisture in the air and the Econo Cool-Smart Save feature that helps you save on your electricity post its Star-rated energy efficiency, these are the two ornamental traits you can expect from this AC.

Key Features: 

Anti-Mold Filter: To ensure that no mould builds over the insides of the AC, causing damage overall. 

Grooved Piping System: Offers better flexibility in movement and deflection to the piping system and is more efficient in heat transfer without damaging the coils of the AC.

Failure Recall Mode: This AC can remember the earlier abnormal condition. This mode is advantageous when the AC unit needs to be repaired for the abnormality which does not recur.

  • Condenser Coil: Copper Made (More Long Lasting than Aluminium Based Coil)
  • Annual Energy Consumption: N/A.
  • Noise Level: ‎44 dB for 1 Ton AC, 47 dB for 1.5 Ton AC and 49 dB for 2 Ton AC
  • Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty and 5 Years Warranty on Compressor
  • Type: Split AC
  • Capacity: 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton variants
  • Energy Rating:  3-star rating for 1 Ton AC, 5-star rating for 1.5 Ton AC and a 4-star rating for 2 Ton AC
  • Ideal for Room Sizes: For 1 Ton AC <=110 sq.ft, for 1.5 Ton AC <= 150 sq.ft. and for 2 Ton AC 181 sq.ft. to 260 sq.ft.

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Purchasing an AC can be a hefty and long-term investment, and one needs to be sure of what tonnage of AC will fit their needs, which AC produces the least amount of noise, which AC is cost-effective, etc. Thinking on these many fronts can be a bit cumbersome, and not knowing the in-depth features of an AC can make the potential buyer lose interest in buying a smart AC overall. They may go for the outdated ones that are not cost and energy efficient.

You reading this article will make sure that you make a sound decision when it comes to buying an AC as the products we have listed are tech-savvy and have unique features.

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