5 Best Vestige Air Purifiers In India September 2023

- Updated: 31st Aug 2023, 12:09 IST
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    How does air pollution impact us?
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    5 Best Vestige Air Purifiers in India
    • 1. Vestige’s Sharp Air Purifier With Dual Purification (FP-F40E-W)
    • 2. Vestige’s Sharp Air Purifier With Mosquito Catcher (FP-GM50E-B)
    • 3. Vestige’s Sharp PM 2.5 RTD Air Purifier (FP-J60M-W )
    • 4. Vestige’s Sharp Room Air Purifier (FP-F40E-T)
    • 5. Vestige’s Sharp Portable Room Air Purifier (FPJ30MB)
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    Synopsis: Best Vestige Air Purifiers in India

And the time of extreme pollution returns! With pollution comes safety hazards to your body, especially the respiratory system. To get an idea of which Vestige air purifiers to buy in the coming time, please read the article in detail.

The period of firecrackers, rice harvesting, stubble burning, and winters is around the corner. No one is left untouched by the daily news of pollution that the country might expect in the coming days. Especially as the wind slows down and the air pollution rises, cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida, etc., face the heaviest brunt of the season.

The cities and other places throughout the country are clasped in extreme pollution. Such pollution also causes breathing problems, eye irritation, headache, nervous disorder, stress, and whatnot. 

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How does air pollution impact us?

Such pollution leads to various lifestyle changes. People usually do not prefer to venture out in the open and perform physical exercises like running, walking, strength training, etc. While it is still okay for young people to mask up and venture outside, the condition grows more critical for senior and old-aged citizens. Due to lack of mobility, they start facing various medical conditions too. 

Considering people’s lackadaisical attitude even after the ruling for bans of firecrackers from the country’s highest courts, one can only be responsible for their actions. Every year the newspaper gets flooded with gruesome pictures of how entire cities get trapped in smog, and people are advised not to venture out of their homes.

Still, there is a lot of tension regarding what can be done to solve the pollution problem at home. At home, you can be severely affected by indoor pollution. As per the data provided by Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollution can be 2x to 5x worse than outdoors. You can even track the quality of air by visiting the link

In light of this, the technology world has developed a simple and accessible solution.

vestige air purifiers

One of the best ways to beat pollution in indoor space is by using air purifiers in places such as homes, offices, gyms, movie theatres, etc. 

If you are searching for the most preferred solution to stay safe, you need to look for Vestige Air Purifiers. 

Vestige Air Purifiers brings you the technology by the name of Sharp air purifier that creates a healthy and breathable atmosphere at your home. 

Here, we discuss in detail the five best Vestige air purifiers you can buy in India.

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5 Best Vestige Air Purifiers in India

Some of the best Vestige air purifiers in India are enlisted below, along with their description.

1. Vestige’s Sharp Air Purifier With Dual Purification (FP-F40E-W)

It is one of the most affordable ranges of air purifiers for your home or office spaces. It has double purification that uses active or plasma cluster technology to create fresh indoor air. Its passive filter consists of authentic HEPA(High-Efficiency Particulate Air), carbon, and pre-filter. 

The HEPA filters trap 99.97% of invisible pollutants, including the life-threatening PM 2.5 and PM 10 pollutant particles. However, this HEPA filter also needs periodic replacement so that it can work at its best efficiency. Suited for a medium-sized room, you can easily carry these Vestige air purifiers from one room to another. It also provides upto five-speed settings along with an inbuilt ioniser that releases positive and negative ions, reducing cross-infections. The air purifier has a timer and consumes less power (31W). The takeaway feature of the Vestige air purifier is it has a low noise level that does not add to the surrounding, unlike most other air purifiers. 

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2. Vestige’s Sharp Air Purifier With Mosquito Catcher (FP-GM50E-B)

The Vestige air purifiers are inbuilt with a mosquito catcher and most ideal for homes and offices. Built with the latest technology, the purifier works on plasma cluster technology providing safe and quick air indoors. With positive and negative ions combined, airborne allergens like germs, bacteria, and viruses are diffused. The technology is absolutely safe for human use. 

Combined with HEPA filtration along with active carbon deodorisation, it absorbs the odour using activated carbon. It delivers clean air at the rate of 306 CMH and has UV rays for mosquito minimisation from the surrounding by catching them. The 51W air purifier has well-built and displays LED sensors. The strong glue sheet, an additional feature to the air purifier, allows mosquitoes to stick to the walls trapping them. 

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3. Vestige’s Sharp PM 2.5 RTD Air Purifier (FP-J60M-W )

While it is loaded with a similar HEPA filtration and plasma cluster technology like the one mentioned above, the takeaway feature for the product is its real-time indoor pollution level display. The PM 2.5 reading display and the light sensor make it more reliable and valuable in real-time scenarios. One can use it in a variety of places like schools, hospitals, gyms, homes, offices, restaurants, etc. These Vestige air purifiers work on an activated carbon filter, which mitigates air pollution. You can even change the fan’s speed through the push buttons on the top of the air purifier. 

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4. Vestige’s Sharp Room Air Purifier (FP-F40E-T)

It is among the best air purifiers that have a slightly different look and more functionality when compared to the others. The tan-brown Vestige air purifiers can even go with the interiors of your space, providing clean air delivery at the rate of 240 CMH. It comes with silent mode, child lock, timer, and auto restart options for users’ convenience. It ranges among the set of lightest air purifiers you can come across. 

Additionally, the auto-off mode, also known as the Haze mode, automatically detects dust via its sensors and starts operation accordingly. 

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5. Vestige’s Sharp Portable Room Air Purifier (FPJ30MB)

The portable air purifier comes in handy for rooms at home or offices. However, one cannot use it for large spaces. It makes use of plasma cluster technology that has the capacity to decrease the airborne pollutants concentration as well as microbes. The blend of positive and negative ions completes the process. It has multiple indicators and can even work in silent mode. One unique indicator is inbuilt into the machine to specifically show if the air purifier needs filter replacement or not. 

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Synopsis: Best Vestige Air Purifiers in India

If you are eyeing an air purifier for the coming season, this is the best time to go forward with the purchases. Also, with multiple festive offers, you might avail lucrative discounts on each of the mentioned products. The Vestige air purifiers provide an excellent safety mechanism in your indoor spaces, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Save yourself and your family from the brunt of air pollution now. Hurry and grab yours now!

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  • Air purifiers filter the polluted indoor air, which is 2-5 x worse than outdoor air.
  • Air purifiers are a must-have these days, considering the deteriorating air conditions and increasing pollution.
  • It helps you to stay safe in your home, office, gyms, and other spaces.

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