5 Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers In India September 2023

- Updated: 31st Aug 2023, 12:16 IST
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    Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers
    • 1. Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2
    • 2. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (5W)
    • 3. Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)
    • 4. Mi Smart Speaker With Google Assistant
    • 5. Xiaomi Smart Speaker With IR Control
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    Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers: Final Thoughts

Xiaomi, over the recent years, has established itself as consumers’ favourite brand in India by offering premium specifications at a low cost. The company is mainly known for its mobile phones here, but the Chinese manufacturer also sells perfect accessories. Bluetooth speakers are also becoming necessary these days, and Xiaomi has a wide variety in that category. Mi also sells Bluetooth speakers in India, with Alexa and Google assistants supported speakers. Many of these speakers are also waterproof. Therefore, these Bluetooth speakers are ideal for adding music to your pool party or as a travelling companion. Let’s dive into the article which list the best mi Bluetooth speaker available in India.

However, the most confusing part is where you have to decide on the best wireless speaker in your budget. But don’t worry! We will present you with all the best Bluetooth speakers from Xiaomi, with the best features. These speakers also are priced competitively. So now, let’s take a look at all of them.

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Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

Here, we now take a look at the best Bluetooth speakers from Xiaomi. We will list the features, advantages and prices of all the products mentioned here. So let us begin.

1. Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2

Mi compact speaker Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

The first Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker on our list is the Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2, which has a charming circular design and easily fits everyone’s pocket. The speaker has a single physical button, which helps to power it on. If you hold the button for a few seconds, the device enters pairing mode and then you can easily pair it with any smartphone. Other few functionalities of the button include the ability to reject/ answer calls, pause the ongoing music, and power off after holding the button for more than six seconds.

If we look at its loudness, the speaker has a 2W sound signature with support for Bluetooth 4.2. Xiaomi also claims that the speaker can last up to six hours and the device fully charges in approximately two hours. With its inbuilt mic, you can also answer calls directly from the speaker. This Xiaomi device, with its beautiful design and compact design, is perfect for those who want a speaker without much weight. The Bluetooth speaker is priced at Rs. 499 in India.

Compact designDoes not come with any IP rating for dust and water resistance
Advanced mesh design
6 hours battery life

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2. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (5W)

Mi Outdoor Speaker

The second Bluetooth speaker from Xiaomi is the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, which has a long battery life and IPX5 splash-proof design. The speaker is ideal for consumers who want to use this device without worrying about incoming rain or dust particles when listening to their favourite music. The speaker also has a rich 5W sound output, which produces clear and punchy bass for all kinds of music.

Another great feature of this device is that it supports voice commands, meaning you can easily assign orders to it without using your hands. You can play or pause your favourite music with its extensive and bold buttons. The power button of this device also acts as a call answering/ rejection button. Overall, if you love partying outdoors and want a speaker with a rich sound experience, this device is made up for your usage.

IPX5 splash resistanceTakes a long time to charge fully
20 hours of battery life
Support Bluetooth 5.0

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3. Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)

Mi portable Speaker Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

The third Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker on our list is the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which produces a rich and punchy 16W sound output. The speaker is ideal for a group part or small gatherings and is loud enough to deliver sound across all directions. The most innovative connectivity option for a more dependable connection and more fantastic range is Bluetooth v5.0. The speaker comes with the same technology to enjoy your favourite beats.

Further, the speaker is IPX7 waterproof, which means that it can even be immersed in water for upto 30 minutes. With its 26,000mAh battery, the device can run for almost 13 hours non-stop so that you can enjoy your house parties without worrying about its battery life. The device’s portable compact design and convenient strip make it easy to carry. Overall, it’s a really good speaker if you want a compact loudspeaker from a reputable brand like Xiaomi.

16W loud sound outputComes without any battery indicator
IPX7 waterproof
Available in two colour options

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4. Mi Smart Speaker With Google Assistant

Mi Smart Speaker

Coming to the next Bluetooth speaker on our list, the Mi Smart Speaker first-generation speaker is a standalone device supporting Wi-Fi connectivity. This 12W speaker can achieve a dramatic cinematic sound experience with additional pairing with other devices. Additionally, you can use voice commands in English or Hindi to access and manage it. The speaker is also Chromecast compatible, with support for multi-setup as well.

With this Mi Smart Speaker, you can use your hands-free operation to play your favourite music, adjust the volume, and even find out essential details about the songs you’re jamming to. You may also use voice commands to operate this speaker to set alarms, plan your day, and manage any smart gadgets you may have installed in your house. Further, the speaker is also DTS professionally tuned, which delivers crystal clear sound, even at high volume levels. The smart speaker is priced at Rs. 4,000 in India and is a must for your smart home setup.

Wi-Fi connectivityNot meant for outdoor usage
Hands-free operation
Chromecast supported

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5. Xiaomi Smart Speaker With IR Control

Xiaomi smart speaker Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

The last Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker on our list is the Xiaomi Smart Speaker With IR Control. Like the Mi Smart speaker, this device is also an intelligent home-compatible speaker but comes with a few nifty additions. At first glance, the digital clock of this speaker is clearly visible, with its extensive and bright LED lights. The clock is fused with adaptive brightness, which adjusts to the light in the room and is also DND compatible with hiding the time for a scheduled time completely. Also, you can use Google Assistant and a built-in IR transmitter to control standard household appliances with your voice.

Further, you can also use other hands-free devices to play your favourite music, adjust the level, and search for any song you currently want to listen to. Additionally, you can use simple voice commands to organise your day, set alarms, and operate intelligent gadgets throughout your house. The smart Bluetooth speaker is priced at Rs. 4,999 in India and can be purchased from all Xiaomi outlets.

LED digital clockExpensive
IR Control
360-degree surround sound

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Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers: Final Thoughts

India’s top Xiaomi Bluetooth speakers offer cutting-edge features and fantastic sound quality. Additionally, you can utilise these speakers while lounging at home or throwing an outside party. But ultimately, it all depends on your needs. Hopefully, with the above list may, you can now find the best speaker for your requirements. Check out our other listing articles for the latest smartphones, printers, DSLRs, air conditioners, and other devices.

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