6 Best Instagram Apps For Stories June 2024

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 15:16 IST
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    Why are Instagram stories and why is it important?
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    Best Instagram Apps For Stories
    • 1. StoryArt
    • 2. Unfold
    • 3. Story Maker
    • 4. Graphionica
    • 5. Canva
    • 6. Instories
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    Final Words

Instagram stories are one of the best ways to connect with your followers and, at the same time, tell what’s happening in your life currently. Here are some of the best Instagram apps for stories that you can use to create some mind-boggling and fun designs.

For all those using Instagram, stories are the first thing that pops up when you open the application. Be it our own or someone else’s, Instagram stories always grab one’s attention. However, most of the time, we forget to pay much attention to the details, such as the elements, design, and other aspects of the stories. This leaves our story plain, simple, and bland. It’s not eye-catchy, and that’s not what we want when we post something on a social platform. Right?

This is where our article will help you understand many Instagram apps that you can use for stories.

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Why are Instagram stories and why is it important?

Instagram stories are the quick snips on our Instagram profile that appears as a circle with our display picture in the centre. This feature was introduced by Instagram in 2016 and let you share your life moment or instant pictures with your followers.

In fact, you can share multiple images and videos stitched together as a part of your stories. Later on. Instagram also introduced other features, such as GIFs, Music, Polls, Ask Me, and Images, to make the stories even more enjoyable.

While it is really fun and entertaining for regular users, it might be of paramount importance to businesses, especially medium and small-sized ones. The Instagram stories allow these brands to interact frequently with customers by showcasing their products.

Besides, by making them more interesting through other apps, it can engage a greater engagement of audience. After all, it’s only after knowing these products that shoppers look to enquire about them, and if it meets their needs, they order it from the businesses directly.

Stories are one of the great ways to interact with audiences by influencers too. If you are looking to build your page around a service or want to set yourself up as an influencer, it helps to engage the audience. This can be done by letting them ask questions, share their views, rate your pictures, participate in polls, and much more.

Considering the importance of the feature, here are some of the best Instagram apps for stories that you can use.

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Best Instagram Apps For Stories

Here are some of the trending Instagram apps that can be used to make spell bounding stories for your profile.

1. StoryArt


StoryArt lets you choose from multiple predefined templates that have been many times before. What you need to do is to drop your pictures on them and edit them as per your need! Add text the way you want, and start posting it on your profile.

Hook Features:

  • Animated templates
  • 700+ GIFs and stickers
  • Animated texts for a personalised effect
  • Unique Filters

Link to download on Android

Link to download on iOS

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2. Unfold

unfold Best Instagram Apps For Stories

This is one of the best apps for stories not just for Instagram but for multiple other social media sites like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Besides, you can also edit videos along with images and create a site for link in the bio section for increased audience involvement.

Hook features:

  • Schedule the post
  • Edit videos
  • Advanced editing and filtering tools
  • Sell your digital creation on Rarible’s NFT marketplace

Link to download on Android

Link to download on iOS

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3. Story Maker

story maker Best Instagram Apps For Stories

Also known by the name of Unistory or InStory, the app provides newly introduced and chic templates such as ripped paper backgrounds to make your story look cool. Additionally, you can use classic and blur kind of background templates, too, if you are not a new-gen design lover. Choose as many stickers as you want at your fingertips.

Hook Features:

  • Neon popup collection
  • Background templates like never before
  • Sharable across apps
  • Design your own highlight covers

Link to download on Android

Link to download on iOS

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4. Graphionica


One stylish and best apps for creating stories on Instagram is Graphionica. It allows you to select from multiple award-winning templates that are eye appealing and trendy. Additionally, it makes your task easier by helping you to use multiple filters for photo and video editing and add after-effects to give a better look. Choose among amazing fonts for the texts using the application.

Hook Features:

  • Work on many layers of the picture
  • Erase any object from the image
  • Choose from multiple lettering styles
  • Make collages and edit the templates

Link to download on Android

Link to download on iOS

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5. Canva

canva instagram

One of the easiest go-to Instagram apps for stories is Canva. Almost anyone using Instagram might have used Canva before. It allows you to choose a designated template for stories and posts for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites. One does not need to bother much as it has an image template, GIFs, and stickers, that you can use. You can also stand unique with animations and transitions that are not generally available with other apps.

Hook Features:

  • Schedule stories and download them from your local gallery
  • Use AI-generated content
  • Edit videos and add music as per the theme of video
  • Swap the background of the image

Link to download on Android

Link to download on iOS

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6. Instories

instories instagram app

Instories helps you design trendy collages and make stylish videos that you can use for stories as well as reels on Instagram. Besides, the carton section allows you to create some creative cartoon images with vibrant designs. You get access to trendy music that could be a great go with your stories. Definitely one of the best Instagram apps for stories.

Hook features:

  • Create a cartoon image of yourself
  • Choose from exclusive story templates
  • Exciting text and font effects along with a transition
  • Remove background from image and level up the videos using filters.

Link to download on Android

Link to download on iOS

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Final Words

These applications will surely help you a long way to create stories with an aesthetic that is more in demand and trend these days. By use of these best Instagram apps for stories, you will appease your followers and make an even newer follower base. For all those running businesses and their brands, these Instagram apps for stories is your go-to option for creating ones that are different from your competitors, resulting in better engagement and customer traction.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Instagram stories are the first few things your follower interacts with as soon as they open their profile.
  • It is crucial that you create an aesthetic design and look for your page to engage the audience.
  • This is where you will need these best Instagram apps for stories to create some fantastic designs for your follower.

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