5 Best Earbuds Brands In India November 2022

By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
Updated: 1st Nov 2022 11:27 IST

Table Of Contents

  • 1
    Best Earbuds Brands In India – Top 5 List
    • 1. Apple
    • 2. Nothing
    • 3. boAt
    • 4. Noise
    • 5. Boult Audio
  • 2
    Best Earbuds Brands In India – Final Thoughts

Highlights of the Story

  • Apple is the leading brand in the premium earbuds category.
  • boAt is the best affordable earbuds brand in India in 2022.
  • Other latest brands like Nothing have also taken up a spot.

In 2022, there are multiple brands that took the top spot in the earbuds segment. So, if you are looking for the best earbuds brands in India, you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for boAt airdopes or Noise earbuds or something way more premium, this list of brands will have you covered.

Wireless earbuds are the way to go this year. If you have been listening to music using wired earphones, you are due for an upgrade! So we have made a list of the best earbuds brands in India. Additionally, we have backed it all up by not just valid statistics, but also hours of research. So, without any further ado, let us take a quick look at the list!

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Best Earbuds Brands In India – Top 5 List

1. Apple

Apple undoubtedly takes the number one spot as the best “premium” earbuds brand in India. Emphasis on premium as it is exactly the price category where Apple has been rocking with their AirPods for years now.

According to Counterpoint Research, with the launch of their latest AirPods 3, Apple took the number 1 spot in the premium category. Premium or not premium, it goes without saying that the AirPods make Apple one of the best earbuds brands.

Unbeatable ANCApple earbuds are very expensive
Excellent audio quality
Great battery backup

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2. Nothing

Nothing is a very new contender in the earbuds space. Even so, they have already taken up the top 5 spot as one of the best premium earbuds brands in India. They have one product and it has been an instant bestseller. Yes, we are talking about the very unique Nothing Ear 1.

What made the brand really stand out from the crowd is their super unique take on design. Nothing as a brand believes in minimalism and it shows in their Nothing Ear 1. This is the exact same concept on which their Nothing Phone 1 is based as well.

Uniqueness sells and so does competitive pricing. Nothing has used both of these elements to their advantage and emerged as one of the top earbuds brands.

Competitive pricingSome may not dig the entire “transparent” design
Unique design
Great ANC

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3. boAt

When talking about affordable earbuds, it is impossible to not think about boAt. This brand has not been around for a long time. In the span of just a couple of years, the company has mopped the floor with several top brands to take the top spot.

What made boAt such a successful brand is the fact that they offer excellent features for the price that you pay. If you are on the lookout for the best and most affordable earbuds, the boAt Airdopes series will blow you away. There are just way too many amazing options to choose from.

According to Counterpoint Research, the brand saw a whopping 98 per cent YoY growth in just Q1 of 2022! Their boAt Airdopes 131 TWS earbuds are the bestselling earbuds that stood out in their catalogue.

Very affordableDon’t offer super premium earbuds
Great many options
Durable and long-lasting

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4. Noise

If you have heard of boAt, chances are that you have also come across Noise. This is another brand that has not been around for a long time. However, their value-for-money earbuds and other accessories easily made them emerge as one of the best earbuds brands in India.

Noise earbuds are known for their amazing pricing. Moreover, for the price that you pay, you get to see all the good mumbo jumbo that defines a great pair of earbuds. If you are looking for something from this rising superstar, take a look at their Noise Airbuds Mini.

Counterpoint Research data showcases that the brand recorded a staggering 214 per cent YoY growth in Q1 of 2022. They are surely doing something right in the entry-level earbuds category to bring in these numbers.

Good audio quality for the priceSome may not have heard of it
Super affordable

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5. Boult Audio

A lot of you may have a confusion between Boult Audio and boAt. It is a common misconception that these two are the exact same brands. These are radically different brands. However, it is the audio quality where they are very similar. That is exactly why most people think that they are the same brand.

Either way, Boult Audio is no less an amazing brand than boAt. In fact, Counterpoint Research also revealed that the brand has recorded a massive 266 per cent YoY growth in Q1 of 2022. That is really impressive. If you are on limited budget, Boult Audio is easily one of the best earbuds brands in India for you to turn to.

Great pricingNot for premium enthusiasts
Great sound quality

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Best Earbuds Brands In India – Final Thoughts

Although there are multiple earbuds brands in India, it can get quite confusing to choose the right one. Now that you know of the best brands in the industry, you will automatically know where to look. Of course, there are a couple of additional things that you need to take care. These include understanding your budget and analysing your requirements.

Ask yourself what you need the earbuds for. Be it gaming or for music, choose your earbuds accordingly. When it comes to gaming, always ensure that the earbuds offer a low latency for no delays. On the other hand, for music, you require Active Noise Cancellation. If you are on a tight budget, Environmental Noise Cancellation.

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Either way, it all comes down to your personal preference, requirements and budget. With that being said, we hope this list of the best earbuds brands in India makes your search a teeny weeny bit easier!

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