6 Best boAt Bluetooth Speakers In India September 2023

- Updated: 31st Aug 2023, 12:23 IST
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    Best boAt Bluetooth Speakers
    • 1. boAt Stone Grenade
    • 2. boAt Stone 190F
    • 3. boAt Stone 1000
    • 4. boAt Stone 1500
    • 5. boAt Aavante Bar 2000
    • 6. boAt Stone 1450 Speakers
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    Best boAt Bluetooth Speakers: Final Thoughts

The best boAt Bluetooth speakers offer excellent sound quality. These speakers offer an immersive audio experiences and come at varied price ranges, making them in high demand. Furthermore, some of the boAt speakers come in compact sizes and hence are highly portable, so they can be carried anywhere easily. Also, a lot of these speakers are waterproof. So, whether you want to add music to your pool party or want a companion for travelling, these Bluetooth speakers are just what you need.

However, the real deal lies in finding the best product from the wide variety of choices available. But don’t worry; we have got you covered. You can find here the five best boAt Bluetooth speakers loved by customers in 2023.

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Best boAt Bluetooth Speakers

Here, have a look at the best boAt Bluetooth speakers you can buy in 2023.

1. boAt Stone Grenade

boAt Stone Grenade: boAt Bluetooth speakers

One of the highest-selling speakers in India, Stone Grenade, has to be on our list of the best boAt Bluetooth speakers. Available at a pocket-friendly price, this Bluetooth speaker is just the best. From sound quality to portability, the speaker has a lot to offer to the users. The speaker features a grenade-like design and is highly stylish. Its small size and lightweight make it ideal enough to be carried out anywhere easily.

The speaker is also water and shock-proof. Be it road trips, pool parties, or house parties, just carry this speaker around and enjoy the sound quality. The Bluetooth speaker offers you an uninterrupted battery life of up to seven hours and features multiple buttons; hence can be easily controlled.

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2. boAt Stone 190F

boAt Stone 190F

The boAt Stone 190F features a compact design and is light in weight; hence can be carried out anywhere. The immersive sound quality offered by this speaker can light up your parties much more easily. The speaker comes with a dual connectivity mode allowing you to connect the device with AUX or Bluetooth, whatever you wish. The easy control button present on the speaker lets you change track, adjust the volume and play or pause the music.

There is also a TWS feature which lets you connect two speakers at the same time for a more powerful and thumping sound quality. The speaker also features a built-in mic that lets you answer calls directly from here.

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3. boAt Stone 1000

boAt Stone 1000

Known mostly for firing up your house parties, this is one of the best boAt Bluetooth speakers present out there. The speaker delivers a crisp and clear sound with excellent bass, making it the favourite of all. The waterproof and shockproof design offered by this speaker makes it ideal enough to be enjoyed at pool parties too. With a playback time of 8 hours, you can party all night using this speaker.

The speaker comes with onboard controls that let you play or pause music, adjust the volume, change tracks, or even accept or reject incoming calls. The sturdy design offered by this Bluetooth speaker makes it ideal enough for travelling, house parties, beach parties, bike riding and more.

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4. boAt Stone 1500

boAt Stone 1500

Next, we have the boAt Stone 1500 on our list of the best boAt Bluetooth speakers in India. Placed at a pocket-friendly rate, this speaker offers excellent sound quality, making it ideal for your parties. The speaker comes with twin equaliser modes which are known to deliver distinct sound in both indoor and outdoor settings. So, whether you want to rock your house party or pool party, this speaker has to be on your list.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth speaker is also shock and water-resistant. Featuring a trendy design, this speaker comes with a handle to carry. Hence is portable enough. You get approximately 15 hours of playback time with this speaker. Also, the TWS feature lets you connect two of these speakers together for a more powerful sound experience.

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5. boAt Aavante Bar 2000

boAt Aavante Bar 2000

Moving ahead, in the premium price range, we have this Avante Bar 2000 on our list of the best boAt Bluetooth speakers in India. The speaker offers a sleek design and offers powerful sound with the perfect bass and punch. The soundbar also offers a subwoofer connection which can turn your entire room into a huge party space easily. With the multiple connectivity ports, you can enhance your audio experience.

The speaker comes with a wireless remote, which lets you control it more easily. You can change the track, modify the volume, and can navigate through your desired settings and stations using the remote effectively. Whether you want to enjoy soft music, movies or party music, the immersive sound experience offered by this speaker is simply going to win your heart.

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6. boAt Stone 1450 Speakers

boAt Stone 1450 Speakers

The signature round Bluetooth speakers from boAt are wireless and portable, which makes it easy to carry everywhere. In fact, you can make your musical journey even more interesting through the dynamic RGB lights. Besides, you can connect two boAt stone speakers together for an enhanced experience. For one single charge, you can easily get five hours of playback time at around 60 per cent volume.

You can use this Bluetooth speaker for calls and seamless connectivity. It is definitely one of the best Bluetooth speakers by boAt in an affordable range with water-resistant properties.

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Best boAt Bluetooth Speakers: Final Thoughts

That concludes our post on the best boAt Bluetooth speakers in India. boAt speakers have the best sound quality. Whether you want a speaker for your house parties, pool parties or just want to enjoy your “Me-time”, these speakers are a great addition. Also, we covered products from various price ranges here to make the purchasing decision easier for you. So, go ahead and find your ideal pick from the above list. Don’t forget to check our other listicles on Mobile Phones, Refrigerators, Printers, Washing Machines, and more.

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