7 Best Apps for Mothers That Will Make Life Easier!

- Updated: 31st May 2023, 15:29 IST
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    Best Apps For Mothers This Season
    • 1. Momspresso
    • 2. Baby Tracker
    • 3. Moms Into Fitness
    • 4. Sound Sleeper
    • 5. Peanut
    • 6. Baby Weaning and Recipes
    • 7. MoodTools
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    Take Away – Best Apps for Mothers

“A mother understands what a child does not say.” Undoubtedly, the task of a mother is an unbeatable one. Motherhood makes life exciting and gives a nerve-racking adventure. So, if you are a new mom, you need to worry no more! You have come to the right place to get the best experience for yourself and your baby through these best apps for mothers in 2023.

Motherhood certainly is a beautiful journey, and when you be a mother, you will experience a whole new world. This exciting phase involves stress, anxiety, feeding, diapers, and other milestones with lots of ups and downs. Whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home, or a combination of these two, these mobile apps make your life hassle-free. So, whenever you feel your life is getting hard, exhausting, or downright insane, you can turn to these applications to enjoy much-needed sanity.

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Best Apps For Mothers This Season

To get hold of you, your unsleepy nights, and lots of pending tasks, we have collated a list of some amazing and fantabulous apps for mothers or aspiring mothers who can use these online tools to learn more about their pregnancy journey and overcome challenges.

1. Momspresso

Momspresso - Best Apps for Mothers

As a parent, obviously, you want to provide your child with the best of everything. However, we humans tend to make mistakes. Momspresso is an amazing app for mothers where you can learn great tricks and tips for pregnancy.

The impressive thing about this app is that using it, you can have some great video content on baby health, pregnancy, and baby care. So, whenever you have any questions related to parenting, you can simply log in to the app and get the answer. It will make your life quite easier.

This platform not only answers all your queries but also helps you in your personal parenting journey. To download this app, click here – Android, iOS

2. Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker - Best Apps for Mothers

It does not matter whether you are a first-time mom or a seasoned mom. You need to keep track of your baby’s habits, health, activities, etc. It is vital. And in that, the Baby Tracker app will be helpful.

The app comes with an easy-to-use interface. That’s why it is the perfect all-in-one app for newborns. The Baby Tracker app lets you enjoy your parenting journey by handling other essential things. Therefore, if you find tracking your baby’s growth, feeding, sleep, temperature, or diaper status, you can download this all-in-one app.

The basic features of this app are free, and to access the premium ones, you need to opt for paid plans.

Here is the link to download this app – Android, iOS

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3. Moms Into Fitness

Moms Into Fitness - Best Apps for mothers

Most times, while looking for their babies, moms forget or ignore to take care of themselves. Here is where Moms Into Fitness comes into the picture. The app lets you relieve your stress and help you sleep better by guiding you about having a simple postnatal exercise routine.

This application is for both new moms and accomplished moms. It is a great app that will help you lose your baby’s weight after pregnancy. However, remember, you need to fill out the quick survey form to get the personalised exercise program. Moms Into Fitness comes with both free and subscription plans. You need to choose the plan as per your requirement.

To download this app, you need to tap here – Android, iOS

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4. Sound Sleeper

Sound Sleeper

Do you want to give your little one a good night’s sleep? You can help your infant or toddler to achieve it through the gentle sounds of the sea shore, womb or babbling brook. When your infant or toddlers listen to it, they feel safe and tend to sleep faster.

The app comes with various white noise sounds. All you need to do is open the app and click on LISTEN. Whenever your baby cries, the app automatically starts playing soothing sounds to calm them and make them sleep again.

This app has both free and paid available versions. Click here to check details about this app – Android, iOS.

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5. Peanut


Do you want to find your mom squad? If yes, this app is the perfect pick. Motherhood sometimes becomes a lonely journey. Therefore, connecting with other moms can help you relieve your stress and feel less alone. This app is just like Tinder, but it is for moms.

Using this app, you can search for like-minded moms in your area, ask questions, chat, arrange meet-ups, and join community conversations. Whether you are trying to conceive, going through menopause, or experiencing motherhood for the first time, this app can be helpful for you.

Whenever you face any challenges in your parenting journey, you can ask other mothers or opt for a podcast to get an expert opinion. The app comes with free and paid versions. Here is the link to download this app – Android, iOS

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6. Baby Weaning and Recipes

Baby Weaning and Recipes

Whenever it’s time to begin the solid food journey of a baby, you will be confused about recipes that you can make for your baby. This app provides you with healthy, new, and yummy recipes that you can prepare at home. In short, the app exposes you to a whole new world of nutritious and delicious food.

At the time of the first week of weaning, the app provides you with simple and basic recipes such as puddings, purees, and mashes. With time, when your baby grows, the meal plan will develop too.

Once the baby is all set to eat the solid food, you will get every day some new recipes that you can try. Besides, the app also gives you a grocery list, a customised weekly meal planner, and helpful guides.

This app is available for both Android and iOS app for free.

7. MoodTools


Are you facing postpartum depression or anxiety? If yes, MoodTools is the perfect app. It provides “Thought Diary” completely free. The diary is intended around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

This mobile app lets you document each feeling, such as each experience and negative thoughts. After that, it lets you recognise partisan thinking patterns. Using this app, you can even create a security plan for yourself. The plan incorporate warning signs along with some coping strategies whenever it is an emergency.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Take Away – Best Apps for Mothers

In summary, before a decade, motherhood was a DIY affair. Mothers would need to write down every detail on pen and paper. In short, they must deal with motherhood issues on their own. However, the scenario has completely changed now. There are various best apps for mothers available today that make this life-changing event quite easier.

Of course, motherhood will make your life upside down for some period. However, keeping this little help in your pocket will make your motherhood journey smooth by letting you track your baby’s habits, talk with other moms, stay fit, and much more.

So, download one of these apps and make your motherhood journey a boon.

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