Why RajKummar Rao is The Best Fit To Be Cashify Brand Ambassador?

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 15:57 IST

The energetic and charming Rajkummar Rao is the best person to be Cashify’s brand ambassador. The self-motivated actor has done a wide array of roles and has added multiple accolades into his portfolio. Taking inspiration from these very ideas, Cashify has emerged with a new face and more focused goal to service its customers.

Cashify has been around for seven years. Throughout these seven years, Cashify has built its trust among customers as the most reliable brand when it’s about refurbished smartphones and professional repairing services. It has served and satisfied its customers with outstanding services such as doorstep delivery of repairing & selling phones. The trust that the brand has built reflects similarity with Rajkummar Rao’s cinema journey and his fans.

The brand has also been signified by its users as the best in the class service provider. The friendly and amiable nature of our salesperson and our customer service executive fulfil our motto in creating impeccable service. Rajkummar Rao has been known for his philanthropic initiative and his approachable nature. Cashify is proud and inspired at the same time to get Rao on board with us to give Cashify the welcoming identity it yearns for.

Cashify brand ambassador
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Rajkummar Rao is the man for all occasions, from action to drama to romance to comedy; Rao has made a niche image among his fans. A resemblance that reflects in Cashify’s product lineup, be it accessories, smartphone resell, repair or even reading technology related news. The sundry persona of Rao will help achieve a greater summit and make Cashify an excellent platform in the smartphone industry.

Just like Rajkummar Rao, Cashify is also a brand that caters to every segment of the population. Be it premium phones, budget phones, flagship killer phones, laptops, tablets, television, desktop, smartwatch, gaming console, smart speaker, DSLR camera, earbuds and multiple accessories; you name it, and we are there. The diverse portfolio of Cashify makes it a one of a kind platform for all smartphone needs of customers.

Cashify provides services on a wide scale and is available in most parts of India. The approachable nature of Cashify’s local executive makes it stand sundry from other platforms; you can sit back and relax and enjoy all of our services in the comfort of your home. Rao’s identity has been something similar as well; the characters he has played made people believe in realism and has reflected fans as their own home identity.

Cashify aims to excel new horizons, as Rao has done throughout his cinematic journey. His excellence, charm and trustworthiness are something that inspires the people at Cashify. It gives them a motto to serve its customers as a family and keep building products for the greater good of society.



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