Raksha Bandhan And Evolving Technology Bringing Siblings Even Closer

- Updated: 29th Aug 2023, 15:19 IST
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    Does Technology Bring People Closer?
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    Celebrating e-Rakhi: Is It Really Satisfying?
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    Online Tools To Celebrate Rakhi With Loved Ones
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Festivals bring merriment to everyone. But what if you actually stay a distance apart from your loved ones? Is it even a festival, then? Well, this holds true for one very joyous festival of Raksha Bandhan, where siblings tie Rakhi to celebrate the day and take an oath to protect each other. However, as society sees a great number of migrations every year, the festival of Raksha Bandhan has not been the same. You might wonder if Raksha Bandhan and evolving technology may entice you to give this a further read. But we bet here are some interesting testimonials straight from the heart of a few who talked to Cashify Techbyte at length about giving the technology its due credit for letting them remain connected on this pious occasion of Rakhi.

Your dear brother or sister may not be with you to celebrate this day, and the essence of the entire festivity of togetherness might have changed for you. However, with the evolution of technology, we get to see a drastic change in the way festivals like Raksha Bandhan get celebrated with pomp, even when people are continents apart.

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Does Technology Bring People Closer?

Technology is often termed a bane for separating people from close ones even when they are present in the same room. But does it holds true for all account?

“It’s been almost three years since Ashish Bhaiya embarked on his professional journey to Canada, and frankly speaking, I miss him a lot, especially at festivals like Rakhi that celebrate the very bond between a brother and sister. However, I feel the essence of our bond remains unchanged even if he is miles apart. As I prepare to send my Rakhi via online mode(through fnp), I know that it carries not just a thread but also my love and hope that he stays happy in his life.“, says Anuja Koul, a Delhi-based writer we got in touch with.

Imagine having no access to your loved ones for years, as it happened during the early times. One had no option but to wait for their letters or physical meeting to feel their emotion. However, one can mark their presence even when miles away directly through video calls.

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Divishth, a software professional from Bangalore, says how he misses being around his sister, who is currently pursuing her MBA in North Carolina, USA. With nothing much of option left, he eagerly waits for his sister’s Rakhi every year. “Even if she is not here, I do feel her presence near me. I miss her beyond anything on Raksha Bandhan, but her vibe keeps this festival intact for me. She ensures to stay connected over video call and keeps bothering me by sending me links for things she needs as a gift: A Louis Vuitton gift being her top ask this year(laughs)“, says Divishth.

Evolving technology and the use of online ways to celebrate festivals like Raksha Bandhan are making the festive fervour even more special.

Celebrating e-Rakhi: Is It Really Satisfying?

I remember when I was a kid, I used to scan the entire market to find the perfect rakhi for both my brothers, Vishnu Bhaiya and Ravi. It used to be fun- the stress of finding rakhi of their choices and the happiness when I finally got them. I used to enjoy the entire process of being involved in finding that “one perfect” Rakhi. Now that we are miles apart, all of this is gone. Instead of hopping the market, I now send them rakhi through online delivery services like FNP, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. Definitely, these technologies have eased my job. I can buy and send the desired rakhi to their destination while sitting at home.

I remember it used to be a whole 20-minute-long show of me asking for the gifts and them annoying me for not giving them. And lastly, our mom and dad had to come to our rescue. It was all fun. Yea, they still send me gift cards, digital shagun, and sweets via online delivery systems- a great tech again. But secretly, I miss those silly fights with them.

Of course, these technologies have made our lives easier, but I feel the essence is somewhere lost. But then, when you are at a distance, these technologies definitely have been a saviour- of our emotions and feelings.“, recounts Surbhi Verma, a Kolkata-based writer who has been sending Rakhis to her brother based in different Indian cities.

Undoubtedly, technology simplifies it all. But that inner peace of being with someone you love gets lost somewhere.

About using online ways of connecting with her brother, Anuja says, “Video calls and instant messaging have allowed us to stay connected, bridging the gap in some small measure. Seeing his face and hearing his voice on this occasion brings a sense of warmth, yet it also accentuates the physical separation and a revival of hope that he will be with me soon.

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Online Tools To Celebrate Rakhi With Loved Ones

video calling: raksha bandhan and evolving technology

Before we actually end this article, here is a summarised version of some online tools that you can use to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your sibling in this age of evolving technology.

1. Video Calls

One of the most important tools that has revolutionised the way families remain connected is through video calls. While earlier, the close connection could be established only via physical meetings. This has now been replaced through extensive use of WhatsApp video calls, Zoom calls, Facetime, Hangout, Skype, etc.

No matter where you stay, you can connect to the farthest relative and the unmet friends straight through video calls. So, celebrating Raksha Bandhan with your sibling hits an altogether different note when you can be with them on the real-time call while they tie Rakhi sent by you.

2. Chats

It would not be an overhype to say that you can stay connected throughout the day with the person you want to over WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, or simple text messages. You can even send pictures and videos of your celebration to the family members so that they stay updated on what’s going on near you.

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3. Gifting Sites

Multiple specialised gifting sites have come up that let you send Rakhi to your siblings. Not just this, you can choose among many combos like chocolate hampers and teddy hampers and get your gifts customised, too. You don’t have to spend a lot on sending couriers as these gifting sites provide end-to-end services. Sites like igp.com, ferns and petals, Winni, Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra get your work done. To add a special touch of love, you can even add a message for your dear brother or sister as well.

4. Unique Online Gifting

Speaking of Instagram revolutionising the small business landscape throughout the world, you can check numerous such account that gives you a plethora of options for Rakhis or hampers, all suited for your needs. They might add extra shipping charges for the ordered gifts, but the items are really unique and handpicked for people as per their taste. Some of the accounts that you can consult regarding it are Instacrafts, TheArtBar.in, The_Handmade_Cafe, and more.

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Closing Words

Albert Einstein rightly said that the human spirit must prevail over technology. Even through the eras and aeons of evolving technology, emotions must never take the backseat. It might be a medium to bring siblings together. However, it should not be the only joint that holds you and your siblings together. After all, technology may evolve with time, but what remains constant is humans and the essence of togetherness that makes festivals like Raksha Bandhan even more special.


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  • Raksha Bandhan is one of the most celebrated festivals in India that involves a festive zeal of tying the Rakhi on the wrist of your sibling and praying for their long lives.
  • With people migrating far and wide, Raksha Bandhan is beyond having the physical presence of your sibling any more.
  • However, with evolving technology, the ways of celebrating Raksha Bandhan have changed. Read to know more and read some great insights from people likewise.