Delhiites Break Smartphones The Most, Are The Least Truthful While Selling Them: Study

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 16:05 IST

When it comes to recommerce, the second hand smartphone market is one that has kept thriving in the past few years. Like every year, we took a look at the second hand smartphone market in 2019 through an independent study. The findings gathered have been published in the Cashify White Paper 2020 edition. Let us have a glimpse of some of the key insights and pieces of information drawn from this research.

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Mobile phones, especially smartphones, continue to make deeper penetration all over the world. India is one of the fastest-growing mobile phone markets in the world. And the facts we witness give us a better understanding of the users, brands, behaviour, innovation and much more. Speaking of brands, the smartphones most sold by users after having used them belonged to Xiaomi. Similarly, Redmi Note 4 was the most sold model that was given up by its users. iPhone 6 came in second.

Our study revealed some other interesting facts about smartphone usage. For instance, Delhiites came out as the most smartphone-screen-breaking population in the whole country. With a maximum number of broken screens coming from the national capital, it was found that nearly a third of smartphone users in Delhi had a broken screen at some point.

You can find out more from our research in this report by CNBC TV


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