Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Pro vs Apple AirPods 2019

Last Updated: 
26th Mar 2023

Key Feature Comparison

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At a Glance

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24 Hours
In Ear Canalphone, In the Ear
In Ear Canalphone, In the Ear

Detailed Specs

Redmi Buds 4 Pro
AirPods 2019
Launch Date
Rs. 7,032
Rs. 10,999
Price Status
Market Status
Launched Globally
Compatible Devices
Mobile Phone, PC, Tablet
Media player, Mobile Phone, Tablet
Box Contents
Cable, Charging Station, Wireless Charging Case
In Ear Canalphone
In Ear Canalphone
In the Ear
In the Ear
Open or Closed Back
Closed Back
Closed Back
24 Ohms
Magnet Material
Driver Type
Dynamic Driver
Foldable Design
Eartip Size
Large, Medium, Small
Black, White
Noise Cancellation
Replaceable Earbuds
Call Control
Answer / End
Music Control
Volume Control
Other Control
Bluetooth, Lightning
Bluetooth Version
Charging Type
USB Type-C
Playback Time
24 Hours
Go Green Smartphone SaleGo Green Smartphone Sale

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