Best TV Brands You Should Be Looking Out For

- Updated: 2nd May 2023, 12:54 IST
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    1) Redmi X Series 
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    2) LG UQ7500 Series
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    3) Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Series
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    4) Sony KD Series 
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    5) TCL ‎C715 Series
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    6) ‎Vu Masterpiece
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    7) OnePlus Q1 Series
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In search of the best TV brands? Well, there has been a significant advancement in television technology over the last few years. The evolution of television has been phenomenal- we’ve gone from black and white to colour image tubes, from box TVs to small display sets, to smart TVs with dedicated operating systems and full internet browsers, as well as online applications and games.  

In this article, we have listed the best TV brands that will help you decide which TV brand will fit your entertainment needs. 

1) Redmi X Series 

Redmi X Series 

Redmi’s X Series offers an extraordinary pictorial clearness with over 8 million pixels for an ultra-high definition watching adventure. This TV can easily compete with TV giants like LG, Sony and Samsung and can be considered as one of the best TV brands.

It comes with Dolby Vision which shows shades and details on the screen with vibrancy, the way directors of shows/movies planned it to be. Powered with HDR10 to provide fantastic clarity, Xiaomi’s Vivid Picture Engine produces a lifelike array with excellent colours and contrast.

Dolby Audio and a more refined version of DTS-HD, also called DTS Virtual: X, will sweeten your overall audio’s immersive venture in any area. Unlike Dolby Atmos, the DTS Virtual: X functions well without additional plug-in speakers, as the 30-watt output from the TV’s inbuilt speakers can enhance sound performance. 

This TV has an eARC-enabled HDMI functioning port meaning that the audio signal is not condensed compared to the ARC-enabled HDMI functioning port, ensuring you get more exemplary audio quality.


  • eARC Support for better audio quality.
  • Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, and DTS Virtual: X
  • A better experience with Mali G52 MP2 GPU and 16 GB Storage + 2 GB RAM.


  • 60Hz refresh rate, not 120Hz.
  • The frameless design is not there.
  • The panel backlight is a bit inferior when the screen exhibits black colours.

2) LG UQ7500 Series

LG UQ7500 Series

LG UQ7500 provides an α5 Gen5 AI Processor that improves the picture quality and gives you a colour-rich viewing experience.

This TV can upscale low-quality imaging to 4K resolution so that you get to watch crisp and clear visuals on screen. It comes with an AI Brightness Control feature that will adjust the TV’s brightness level per the lighting around the TV’s environment so that you never have to watch any content in dim lights. 

Soundwise, the fantastic feature of this TV is that the 2-channel sound output of this TV can process it to a 5.1-channel sound output to give you surround sound effects.

For the sports fan out there, the TV comes with Sports Alert and will notify you of the matches you have placed the alerts for before they start. For the cinema buffs, the Filmmaker Mode feature of this TV ensures that the audio and visuals are delivered of any movie/show in a way that the director of that movie/show intended it to be. 

It is a good TV for gamers and has a Gaming Dashboard that will tell the frames delivered per minute in a game, if low latency is ON or OFF, etc. 


  • Ideal fit for gamers because of Gaming Dashboard. 
  • Movie fans will love the Filmmaker Mode.
  • Upscaling of low-quality images.
  • HGiG feature – LG Partnered with some gaming industry giants so that numerous game titles can be played in HDR Quality easily. 
  • HDR 10 Pro for fantastic picture quality. 


  • The frame is too thick, which makes the TV look outdated. 
  • 20-watts speaker output is low.
  • 60Hz refresh rate, not 120Hz.

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3) Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Series

Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Series

This TV’s PurColor technology makes watching movies a real treat with vibrant colours and contrast. It comes powered with HDR 10+ technology and Dolby Vision so that you can see the highest graphical quality possible. 

The Crystal Processor 4K Pro by Samsung enhances display resolution to 4K-level quality by analysing the low-quality visuals you receive from your DTH and adjusting the low-quality visuals to provide a display resolution close to 4K resolution. 

Motion Xcelerator Engine by Samsung offers clear image and performance by assessing and negating frames of the content you are watching. This feature enables us to see everything as it happens without any lag. 

Soundwise it uses Adaptive Sound technology that adjusts the volume per the sounds coming from the background where the TV is braced. We suggest you get Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology-based speakers for better surround sound.


  • Motion Xcelerator is an excellent feature for watching frames-per-minute content like Football matches, F1 Racing, etc.
  • Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology is fitting for surround sound.


  • TV tends to hang when switching between apps.
  • 8 GB internal stoage is less.
  • 60Hz refresh rate, not 120Hz
  • The Q-Symphony functions with Samsung’s Q-Series soundbars only. 

4) Sony KD Series 

 Sony KD Series

Sony’s KD Series is a piece of fine machinery that delivers one of the best display resolutions on the market. Couple it with Sony’s Play Station 5, and you have an exceptional entertainment and gaming hub right in front of you that can match up with all the needs to keep you entertained.  

Sony’s KD Series offers a 4K X-Reality Pro that upscales 2K video resolution output to 4K video resolution, which is a pretty neat feature. The MotionFlow XR is another great that can make this TV process high frame actions and sports without any lag in the frame rates. 

On the Audio front, you are getting 20W baffle speakers with this TV which in simple terms means that they aid in keeping dirt and filth away from your sound driver parts to maximise speaker life. Second, by creating a closed mounting stamp near the speaker, the baffle can reduce panel-to-frame resonance for a more pleasing audio output.

The best feature of this TV would be its durability as it comes with the X-Protection Pro feature, which gives protection from humidity, a surge in electricity, lightning and dust. This TV is sturdy as it comes with inbuilt lightning protection and a primary capacitor to protect it from natural and artificial electricity surges. The anti-humidity layer on circuit boards ensures that the TV is secure from short circuits due to heightened dampness.


  • X-Protection Pro is a great feature to keep TV long-lasting. 
  • Baffle Speakers for better audio output. 
  • Comes with Cable Management Set to neatly stack the cable behind the TV to give a neat look. 
  • Premium Design 
  • Upscaling of 2K video output to 4K video output. 


  • Lack of HDMI 2.1 port 
  • Bit pricey 

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5) TCL ‎C715 Series

TCL ‎C715 Series

TCL’s ‎C715 Series comes with a Quantum Dot panel that delivers a fantastic display to present a more prosperous and radiant colour experience and enhance the performance of the panel’s red, green and blue colours.

As of now, the Quantum Dot panel shows the most lifelike colour, and TCL can be said as one of the best TV brands when it comes to its grip on the television industry.

This TV can easily compete with the TV Brands like Samsung and Sony on the other fronts and has nothing much different to offer than the TVs we have listed above. Still, the TCL’s indigenous Magic Connect application is an excellent feature by this brand as it offers you to operate a TV using a smartphone (Android and iOS), and you can also take a screenshot of a favourite content to share with others. 

Pros – 

  • Magic Connect application to take screenshots 
  • Smart Home connectivity to ensure you can turn off/on your TV by Alexa (Amazon Echo Series) or Google Assistant (Google Home Series)
  • 30W Loud Speakers
  • Full screen (Bezel-less) design to give it a premium look. 
  • Metallic frame. 
  • Value for money. 


  • No HDMI 2.1 port in this price range.
  • Lacks 120Hz Refresh Rate.

6) ‎Vu Masterpiece

Vu Masterpiece

VU has been in the Television industry for quite a while now, but they hit the ball out of the park with their Masterpiece Series, as the series name is justified by its features making VU one of the best TV brands.

The Masterpiece comes with a 120Hz Screen Refresh Rate that ensures smooth, true-to-life images, making all the difference when gaming at 120 frames per second on your Xbox, PlayStation or PC. This TV can even upscale standard content, which is generally viewed at 30Hz and 60Hz, respectively – to a smooth 240Hz, with appreciation to Vu’s Motion Rate feature. 

You get the same Quantum Dot panel as the one listed above in TCL’s C715 Series, but this TV further offers a peak 800 Nits Brightness, ensuring that even on the brightest day, your TV shows the best display possible. 

On the Audio Front, this TV has two remarkable features to offer – 

  1. Comes with Armani Gold 4.1 100W Sound System with a built-in Subwoofer. No need to buy any additional Sound System with this TV at all. 
  2. You can choose from various pre-set choices to tune your sound preferences. It also includes Bass Control that expands low frequencies, Dolby Atmos for surround sound, and an indigenous Dialogue Clarity feature for more dialogue clarity for people who have difficulty understanding the accents. 


  • It is a good TV for cinema and cricket fanatics as it comes with Cinema and Cricket modes that offer accurate frame rates for content without lag. 
  • Comes with HDMI 2.1, 120Hz Refresh Rate, Advanced GPU, APU and HDR gaming for a fantastic gaming experience.
  • The TV stand is designed by Armani Gold Aesthetics and comprises Premium Aluminium Alloy in Armani Gold. The exact composition is used in luxury cars and watches, making this TV a true Masterpiece.


  • Only one 2.1 HDMI port is given.
  • TV is pricey because of the design by Armani Gold Aesthetics. This TV would be cheaper if they used a standard aluminium frame design. 
  • 3GB RAM is less at this price range, so this TV tends to be slow sometimes. 

7) OnePlus Q1 Series

OnePlus Q1 Series

OnePlus, a brand leading the smartphone industry by the storm, is now making a dent in the television industry with this fantastic product, the Q1 Series, making OnePlus one of the best TV Brands in the market. 

On the Display front, it offers the same sort of features that the TCL and Vu’s TVs we listed above. This one also comes with a Quantum Dot Display panel, but this TV comes with a higher colour gamut than other TV Brand that we have listed in this article making it the best TV in the display front in this list. 

The Q1 is power-packed with Dolby Atmos and 50W 8 Stereo Speakers setup. So, just like the VU’s Masterpiece, this TV also has the power to be its Home Theatre System without the need to buy any external Sound System. 

With the OnePlus TV, the OxygenPlay application is also introduced, a one-stop shop for all your content needs.

Pros – 

  • 8-Way Speaker System – Two 10W Tweeters and six Speakers make this TV a music system hub. 
  • Refresh Rate of 480 Smooth Motion Rate (SMR).


  • No HDMI 2.1 at this price range
  • No upscaling standard definition content to 2K or 4K video resolution.
  • Peak brightness is not that good. 

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Buying a TV is a long investment, and one doesn’t want to compromise on their entertainment needs. But, one also doesn’t want to spend something way out of their budget to get the TV for their entertainment needs. 

We have listed the top products from the best TV Brands out there. So, you can decide which one will fit your needs. Also, all features of a TV are a must for you. 

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