5 Best Daikin AC In India November 2022

By Sagnik Dasgupta | 
Updated: 1st Nov 2022 11:03 IST

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  • 1
    Best Daikin Air Conditioners In India – Top 5 List
    • 1. Daikin FTKF60TV16U
    • 2. Daikin ATKL60TV16U
    • 3. Daikin MTKL50UV16V
    • 4. Daikin ATKL35TV16X
    • 5. Daikin FTL28UV16W1
  • 2
    Best Daikin AC In India – Final Thoughts

Highlights of the Story

  • Daikin has over 60 per cent market share in the commercial air conditioning industry in India.
  • They are also popular for their premium residential air conditioners.
  • In this article, we list the best options from the brand to help you choose the right Daikin AC for your home.

Daikin as a brand needs no introduction in the realm of air conditioners. Word of mouth is enough for you to trust Daikin AC options available in India. However, the Daikin air conditioner catalogue is quite impressive. As impressive as it is, it may also make things super challenging for you.

Finding the right air conditioner from their catalogue is no easy task. However, to make your search a tad bit easier, we have put together a list of the best Daikin air conditioners that you can grab in India! Now, let’s take a look.

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Best Daikin Air Conditioners In India – Top 5 List

S.NoBest Daikin ACPrice in India
1.Daikin FTKF60TV16URs. 64,444
2.Daikin ATKL60TV16URs. 55,799
3.Daikin MTKL50UV16VRs. 41,000
4.Daikin ATKL35TV16XRs. 34,477
5.Daikin FTL28UV16W1Rs. 27,700

1. Daikin FTKF60TV16U

Daikin FTKF60TV16U AC

When talking about premium air conditioners, Daikin is one of the most sought-after brands out there. The Daikin FTKF60TV16U AC is an incredible option to consider. This top-of-the-line air conditioner is definitely pricey. However, it offers everything that you need in a premium AC.

For starters, it comes with a 5 Star Energy Rating. This will allow you to save on your electricity bill majorly. Additionally, there is a Neo Swing Technology. This particular tech offers a way more silent operation. You won’t know that the AC is even turned on.

Furthermore, for those extra hot days, there is the Power Chill Mode. This immediately cools the room and saves you from sweating your soul out. Most importantly, the fact that this is a 1.8 ton Daikin air conditioner means that you can cool bigger rooms easily and quickly.

Econo Mode is amazingExpensive
Neo Swing Tech for silent operation
Power Chill Mode for immediate cooling
5 Star Energy Rating
1.8 ton

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2. Daikin ATKL60TV16U

Daikin ATKL60TV16U AC

Sometimes, you will notice that even if your AC is turned on, it is not able to properly cool the room. This primarily happens during super hot and humid summer days. What that basically suggests is that you need an upgrade.

Either your old AC has lost its ability to cool or you have just bought the wrong AC capacity for the wrong room. This puts tremendous amount of load on the AC and also makes your electricity bill spike right up.

Instead, try using this Daikin ATKL60TV16U 1.8 ton AC. What makes this an excellent option is definitely its massive capacity. However, that is not the only reason. This is a silent beast and will not disrupt your sleep in any way.

Additionally, thanks to the proprietary Daikin features, it will ensure excellent cooling all year long. This premium Daikin AC is all that you need to beat the Summer heat like a Pro.

Silent operationExpensive
Power Chill Mode3 Star Energy Rating
Coanda Airflow Feature
1.8 ton

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3. Daikin MTKL50UV16V

Daikin MTKL50UV16V AC

If you are budget is roughly around 42000, and you want a great Daikin AC, get the Daikin MTKL50UV1. This beast of a machine will definitely not let you down. Not only does it pack all the Daikin-centric features, but it also brings something special to the table.

This particular Daikin air conditioner features a 3D Airflow technology. What it basically does is it offers a consistent cooling flow that reaches out to every corner of the room. There is also the Dew Clean Technology which keeps the AC clean for longer periods of time, thus offering efficient cooling.

PM 2.5 Filter for cleaner airNone
4 Star Energy Rating
3D Airflow tech

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4. Daikin ATKL35TV16X

ATKL35TV16X Air Conditioner

The Daikin ATKL35TV16X is not just an economical option from the brand. This air conditioner sports all the good stuff too. From the brand’s proprietary coanda airflow feature and Power Chill Mode to offering great durability, it is an excellent Daikin AC.

Of course, the 3 Star energy rating may be a bit of a let down. However, at this price point, there is not exactly much to complain about. Especially since this is a Daikin air conditioner we are talking about.

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Economical3 Star Energy Rating
Well built

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5. Daikin FTL28UV16W1

FTL28UV16W1 Air Conditioner

When talking about affordable air conditioners, Daikin is probably one of the last brands to come to mind. The brand is mostly known for its slightly more premium-than-regular offerings. However, the Daikin FTL28UV16W1 is a bit of a lovely exception.

If you are someone who is looking to cool his or her small room, this is the best air conditioner for you. This particular Daikin AC features a PM 2.5 filter for cleaner air. Besides, it also packs all the proprietary Daikin features. Definitely, a value-for-money air conditioner to consider from an amazing brand.

PM 2.5 Filter 3 Star Energy Rating
Very affordable0.8 ton capacity
Includes all Daikin-backed features

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Best Daikin AC In India – Final Thoughts

Daikin already is a market leader in the commercial air conditioning industry, with a whopping 60 per cent market share. However, the brand has seen a commendable amount of success in the residential air conditioning industry too. They are all set to dominate this segment too, pushing for 18 to 20 per cent of the market share.

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It goes without saying that this brand knows how to do it right. The cherry on top is their excellent after-sales service, superior build quality and premium cooling. Overall, getting a Daikin AC is definitely the way to go! We do hope that this list helps you find the right Daikin air conditioner for your home.

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