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- Updated: 2nd Nov 2022, 11:14 IST
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    1) Organized sharing of personal information and files
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    2) Material You in Android 13
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    3) Google Wallet
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    4) SOS feature in Wear O.S. 
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    5) Language Personalization for Applications in Android 13
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    6) RCS Messaging System 
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    7) Permission for Bluetooth L.E. in Android 13
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    Android devices compatible with the Android 13 Beta
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Google I/O is a yearly conference in Mountain View, California. With the I/O 2022, Google has launched the Android 13 for the public to use(beta version for selected users for now). Google has promised to bring us some noteworthy improvements to the technical stem of its software roots. Here are the best features you will see in the soon to launch Android 13:-

1) Organized sharing of personal information and files

Android 13

Google intends to let you have more command over the personal information you transfer and wants you to have authority over what kind of files your applications can access. 

First, access was given to all the ‘Files and Media,’ but now they have segregated the access permission into ‘Photos and Videos’ and ‘Music and Audio.’ 

Furthermore, with Android 13, you will be entrusted with a new photo selection command wherein you can select the exact pictures or clips you want to give access to without sharing your whole library on the device. 

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2) Material You in Android 13

Android 13

Material You is a new software introduced in Android 13 wherein you can modify your User Interface(U.I.), which will be based on the wallpaper you are using, as it will affect the coloring scheme of your device. You will also get new theme-based colors in the Android 13, and the feature of ‘Material You’ will also be extended to the icons of the Third-Party applications you download. 

Google extended its ‘Material You’ to media controls as well. When you are playing any music, the music player tab will pick the color from the album’s artwork, and the audio’s progress bar will also change into an audio wave that will create waves according to the music you are playing(something of a Windows Media Player sort of U.I. can be expected). 

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3) Google Wallet

Android 13

Google Wallet will get loads of new features. The features include storing the digital edition of your important files and documents, including your credit/debit card numbers, office I.D. card info, vaccination records, student I.D. card info, and whatnot. They are bringing this feature to let you have all the vital information in one place, making you less reliant on your physical files and cards. Google is working on bringing these new features with the help of Governments of many countries to ensure that digital copies take the place of the physical copies of vital information of any personnel. 

Google Wallets will let you share your information stored in digital records via NFC or Q.R. Code, ensuring that person’s personal information can be transmitted faster than handing out their physical records to an official. 

Google Wallet will also let you integrate with other applications. For instance, if you have a Transportation Card in your Google Wallet saved, your Card’s balance will automatically be displayed on your Google Maps application when you find directions for your destination. With this feature, if you are running on low funds on your Transportation Card, you can add a balance to your Card to pay up the fare before you reach your destination. 

You can expect these new features of Google Wallet to roll out later in the year to around 40+countries, but India will not be witnessing these features as they will still have to use Google Pay for now. 

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4) SOS feature in Wear O.S. 

Android 13 SOS feature

In case of any catastrophe, we rely on our smartphones to be our entrusted point of conveying our messages. In Android 12, Google introduced the Emergency SOS that will let you get assistance from a person in your contact list as a trusted person and allows your phone to share your emergency information even if it is locked. Now, Gogle is launching the Emergency SOS to the Wear O.S.

Watches by Brands that come with Wear O.S. will later roll out the Emergency SOS feature in their smartwatches. 

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5) Language Personalization for Applications in Android 13

 language personalization in Android 13

For people out there who are well-versed with the many languages, you now can select your preferred language for your applications wherein you want to navigate that application in the language of your choice. This feature by Android 13 is fantastic for users who are not good at using the smartphone’s applications in a solo language. For example, some people speak in English but write in some other language they are comfortable with, so now such people can use the messaging applications and tune them according to their preferred language. 

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6) RCS Messaging System 

RCS messaging system in Android 13

Google is also bringing in the Short Message Service (SMS) improvements by upgrading it to Rich Communication Services (RCS). RCS will give superior privacy features like end-to-end encryption on both 1-1 and group conversations. Rich Communication Services (RCS) will also let you send images without depleting their resolution. RCS will also allow you to share bigger files. 

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7) Permission for Bluetooth L.E. in Android 13

Bluetooth LE Audio in Android 13

Google has introduced the Bluetooth L.E Audio broadcast audio component in their latest smartphones with the Android 13. 

Bluetooth L.E Audio is a Low-Energy Bluetooth transmission system. In this system, Bluetooth uses the Low Complexity Communications Code to lessen the power usage of Bluetooth in a device. Bluetooth L.E also improves the audio transmission quality simultaneously. You will get additional features like – 

  • Location-Based Audio Sharing 
  • Multi-Device Audio Broadcasting
  • Hearing Aid Support

Location-Based Audio Sharing and Multi-Device Audio Broadcasting feature let an audio source device broadcast its streams to the other audio sink devices, i.e., it is a mechanism that enables you to stream music from a device such as your smartphone to your other audio sink devices like your P.C or other smartphones, effectively turning such other audio sink devices into a unified Bluetooth-powered speaker system. Also, you can tune in on another device’s audio stream by scanning the Q.R Code of such audio source device, or you can also punch in the Name and Password of the audio source device to tune in to its broadcast. 

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Android devices compatible with the Android 13 Beta

As of now, only a preferred number of Pixel smartphones can have the Android 13 Beta:

  • Google Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL Google
  • Google Pixel 4A Google
  • Pixel 4A (5G) Google
  • Pixel 5 Google
  • Google Pixel 5A
  • Pixel 6 Google
  • Pixel 6 Pro Google

Also, only a few number of non-Pixel Phones can have the Android 13 Beta: 

  • ASUS ZenFone 8
  • Nokia – Nokia has affirmed support but has not listed the devices on which you can download the Android 13 
  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • Oppo Find N
  • Oppo Find X5 Pro
  • Realme GT 2 Pro
  • Sharp Aquos Sense6
  • Tecno Camon 19 Pro 5G
  • Vivo X80 Pro
  • Xiaomi 12
  • Xiaomi 12 Pro
  • ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

Furthermore, the list of tablets that will have access to download the Android 13 Beta 1:

  • Lenovo P12 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

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We finally have a glimpse of what all the Android 13 can deliver, but we still have time for its official release. We can assume that we will have many more forms to witness before having a sturdy Android 13 on backed devices.We hope that this article has exhilarated the air around the Android 13 launch and its incredible features that Android users will soon get their hands on.

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