iPhone 15 Tipped To Come With USB Type-C Port

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Updated: 13th May 2022 13:11 IST

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    iPhone 15 to have a USB Type-C Port

Highlights of the Story

  •  iPhone 15 lineup will be the first iPhone to adopt the USB Type-C port.
  • Therefore, iPhone 14 will be the last Lightning-equipped iPhone.
  • This change will benefit with faster charging and broader connectivity with Apple’s very own USB-C powered devices.

Apple is likely to release the Apple iPhone 14 series in September, with four variants that may be available, excluding the small version. Except for the unique punch-hole cutout design on the Pro versions, the models will look almost identical to their predecessors. Despite this, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the Apple iPhone 15 series will be the first to use the USB Type-C connection rather than the Lightning cord. Supply chain sources are cited by the analyst.

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Following Ming-Chi Kuo’s track record with Apple leaks, we’re convinced that the forthcoming iPhone 15 series will use USB Type-C instead of lightning for charging. Customers will benefit greatly from this change because they will just need one cable to charge most smartphones.

iPhone 15 to have a USB Type-C Port

iPhone 15

As per Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may eventually switch to a USB Type-C connector with the iPhone 15 series next year. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Apple has been rumoured to switch to a USB Type-C connector for iPhones. Such claims are circulating since 2017. Kuo has forecast the transition on several occasions.

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We’re hoping to see a USB Type-C connector on the iPhone next year. As it removes the need for numerous charging cords. If this claim is correct, the iPhone 14 will be the final iPhone with Lightning support. For those who aren’t aware, Apple has switched to USB-C for the majority of its premium gadgets, including iPads. This update will result in speedier charging and more compatibility with Apple’s own USB-C products.

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